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Are Albanians slavs?

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No, Albanians are not Slavs. Albanian is an ethnicity previously known as Illyrians, and later Albans (this is why we are still known as Alban-ians). They have lived in the same land forever, and haven't traveled much. Early Illyrian archeology dates back to Roman and Greek times, slaves come in Balkans much later.

Albanian History is well recorded in Byzantine, Vatican, Ottoman and Venician records.

There are more than 1,000 Albanian - Byzantine political, academic and military figures and a very rich Albanian-Roman cultural heritage. From 4th to 10th century, all the Imperial Dynasties that ruled Byzantium were Illyrian or Albanian.

For example, the oldest monasteries and Churches ( orthodox and Catholic) in Balkans are found in Albanian lands, including here Kosovo, which has 95% Albanian-Byzantine heritage. Just because the Albanians there changed the religion, does not mean they gave that heritage to someone else.

There are more than 1,000 books written by foreign scholars and Albanologs about Albanians and there are hundreds of Records where Albanians are called Illyrians in Byzantine records.

The biggest masterpiece written about Albanians is the book divided in 4 volumes and with more than 4,000 pages called '' Illyricum Sacrum'' , written in 1704 and ordered by the Albanian Pope, Klement XI.

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