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No, the Arabian horse is not an endangered breed.

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โˆ™ 2012-07-12 01:05:03
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Q: Are Arabian horses endangered?
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Were do the Arabian horses come frome?

Arabian horses first originated on the Arabian Peninsula.

Do Arabian horses migrate?

They do not. Currently there are *no* wild, purebred Arabian horses. Yes, I am sure the mustangs have some Arabian blood, but there are not any wild Arabian horses. All Arabian horses known today are domestic.

Arabian horses rituals?

Arabian horses themselves do not have rituals.

How big can Arabian horses get?

Arabian horses can get up to 15hh.

The letter a that disccribs Arabian horses?

Arabian horses. A for Amazing.

Do Arabian horses still live wild?

no Arabian horses are a mixed bread. No horses were in the wild right before the Arabian were bread.

What is the population of Arabian horses living in the Arabian deserts?

The population of the Arabian horses living in the Arabian desert is currently unknown.

When did Arabian horses come to the US?

Arabian horses came to the USA in 1747.

Are horses endangered in Canada?

no horses were never endangered

Where did Arabian horses come from?

the Arabian desert

What do Arabian horses look like?

Arbain horses are hard to describe--go to and type in Arabian horses.

Are Arabian horses good childrens horses?

Yes. Also, Arabian horses are my second favorite horse, after Appaloosa.

Why are the Arabian gazelles endangered?

This species is NOT endangered, they are extinct.

What is the climate that Arabian horses survive?

Arabian horses were first bred in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula and in north east Africa.

What countries are Arabian horses found?

Arabian horses live all around the world.

Are sea horses endangered?

Yes, sea horses are endangered

What is the Arabian horses weight?

All Arabian horses have different weight, it does not matter about the breed. All horses have a different weight.

What part in Arabia were Arabian Horses living?

Arabian horses live all around Arabia.

How much do Arabian horses wiegh?

Arabian horses tend to weigh from 850-1,100 pounds.

Are Arabian horses fast?

Yes, Arabian horses are the fourth fastest breed of horse in the world.

Is the Arabian leopard being Endangered?

yes critically endangered

What are breeds of royal Arabian horses?

The horses of Arabia include the Arabian horse and the barb. The Arabian horse is the purest breed of horse in the world.

How old do Arabian horses live?

Arabian horses usually live between 25-30 years.

What are Arabian horses preditors?

Arabian horses are not wild, they are domestic, so basically, their only preditors are man.

What order is the Arabian horse?

The Arabian horses order is Mammalian. Which is the same for all horses no matter the breed.