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Q: Are Austin and kaylie going to end up together in make it or break it?
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Is Kaylie going to hurt herself in 'Make It or Break It'?

Well she develops an eating disorder and begins exercising vigorously and trying to lose weight.

Is Austin and ally going to be together?

Yes they are perfect together

Are Austin ally from Austin ally going to get together this seasen or next seasen?

Possibly season 3 or 4.

When is damian going to break up with jenna?

They are not together anymore.

What are some nicknames for Kaylie?

A word that goes with the name Kayla is Layla if you are going for rhyming. If you would like to use alliteration, a word that goes with the name Kayla is Kaleidoscope.

Your girlfriend and you took a break and you were going out before that and you got back together do you continue counting the days you were together or do you start from 0?

We were going out for 4 months, then we took a break. We got back together. Do we start counting from 4 months or from 0?

In the show 'Make It or Break It' are Emily and Daimen going to be together again?

yes i think Emily and damen are going to get back together again

Did SNSD break up?

no they are still together and going strong

What grade is austin mahone going into?

Austin Mahone will be going into 11th grade.

Should you make your daughter's middle name Mary or Kaylie I can't decide her first name is definitely going to be Elizabeth?

Both Mary and Kaylie go well with Elizabeth. Mary is a classic and timeless choice, while Kaylie is more modern and unique. Consider which name holds more personal significance or sounds better when paired with Elizabeth. Ultimately, choose the name that you feel is the best fit for your daughter.

Did robert pattinson break up with Kristen Stewart?

No, because they never were going out together!

Will Austin and Ally get back together in season 3?

Here is what's going to happen in the season 3 of Austin and Ally: Ally will start to going out with Gavin and Austin will be jelaous but then he will start to going out with Piper.Austin and Piper will go together to prom,Gavin will ask his girlfriend Ally to go to prom with him,but she say no.Austin and Piper went to the prom and Ally decites not to go .Austin and Piper are at the prom,then Ally walks in looking beautiful and Austin realizes that he still likes Ally and hes in love in her.Austin broke up with Piper and tells Ally how he feels.Ally says she feels the same way about him and they become a couple.