Are Chelsea Arsenal's Rivals

Updated: 10/19/2022
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yes but spurs are more of a rival to arsenal as they are closer but in terms of title races etc Chelsea would be

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Q: Are Chelsea Arsenal's Rivals
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Who is arsenal's main rival?

Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Fulham, West Ham United and Manchester United

Who are Chelsea's rivals on fifa 09?


Who is Barcelona fc rivals?

Real Madrid. Chelsea

Which of the big four football teams in England are arch-rivals?

Last years 'big four' were Chelsea, Manchester, Arsenal & Tottenham & out of them clubs, Tottenham and Arsenal are rivals and so are Chelsea & Manchester.

Is Chelsea fc in north London?

Chelsea is in East London. Their rivals are Fulham and West Ham. On the north, there is Arsenal and Tottenham

Who is Arsenal rivals?

Manchester United or Chelsea.. Always changes Manchester Utd and Chelsea are their biggest competition, but their true rival is tottenham

Who is the main rival of Tottenham?

The main rival of Tottenham is considered to be their North London neighbours Arsenal, but some fans consider Chelsea to be fierce rivals as well.

Who is Chelsea fc?

Chelsea FC is a football Team playing in Barclay's Premier League. They are situated in south London, and their main rivals are Arsenal and Manchester United.

What is the name of Arsenal FC's local rivals?

Tottenham Hotspur FC are Arsenal's biggest local When these two teams play, it is called the North London Derby. Chelsea FC are also rivals from London.

Where is the difference between Chelsea vs West Ham?

Chelsea and West Ham are football teams that are rivals with the main difference between the two being their strategies. West Ham has a more aggressive playstyle.

What is arsenals tadium name?

Arsenals stadium is called the emirate stadium.

What football teams does Newcastle have?

They have my favorite team in English Premier League, Newcastle FC as well as Sunderland. Newcastle and Sunderland are the hugest rivals in the area other than Chelsea man u and man u and arsenal. then Newcastle is rivals with middlesbrough and then acturally rivals with man u!