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Yes, they are identical twins, monozygotic twins, born ten minutes apart. They share the same genome, they are identical genetically, they are identical twins.


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Dylan and cole are identical twins and cute!!!!

They are identical twins. If you want proof go to Dylan and Cole Sprouse 1999

Yes, Cole and Dylan Sprouse are twins.

Yes, Zack(Dylan Sprouse) and Cody (Cole Sprouse) are identical twins. They were both born on August 4,1992.

only 2 twins Dylan & cole sprouse

No the Sprouse twins (Cole and Dylan Sprouse) did not appear on Full House.

Cole Sprouse does not have a sister, he has a brother named Dylan Sprouse. They are twins by two minutes.

yes, cole and Dylan sprouse are really twins. they were born in arezzo, tuscany, Italy. Dylan was the first one who came, then 15 minutes later cole came. hope i helped!

yes,that's how u can tell if it's Cole or Dylan Sprouse since they are twins.

Not Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are identical twins born on August 4, 1992. They were 17 on their birthday in 2009.

Dylan sprouse was born 15 minutes before cole sprouse

Cole sprouse Cole !!!!! hmm yeno guys we are identical .. yea they r identical they r both cute but I have 2 say Cole a little more but u can barley tell

Dylan and Cole Sprouse became so sucessful because they can act very good and because they are twins.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse were 6 months old when they started acting. Go to to read more about the Sprouse twins.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are twins are actors. They were best known as Zack and Cody on Disney Channel(astro 615. Did you know that Dylan was Shasta in Snow Buddies?

yes them selfs they r twins

No, that was another set of twins.

The Cole and Dylan Sprouse twins are known as actors in the United States. They appeared in the Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy and have been acting since 1993.

Dylan:170cm Cole:172cm cole is taller than Dylan by 2 cm

No, Dylan and Cole Sprouse do not have a Blackberry.

The Sprouse twins (Dylan and Cole) were 13 on their birthday in 2005 (born August 4, 1992).

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