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Q: Are French dictionarys allowed into the New spec reading gcse?
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Do french students take GCSE's?

French students have the equivalent of the GCSEs.

How do you memorize the GCSE Italian oral?

Reading what you have written, out loud and over and over again, is the way you memorize the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) Italian oral.

How many marks do you need to pass gcse french listening?


What year do high school children take GCSE french?

Most children take french GCSE in year 10 but in specialised language collages such as one in Stockport they take it in year 9 because they're clever.

What possible careers should I aim for I have been predicted an A at GCSE in English Maths Biology Chemistry Physics History French a B at GCSE in Business a C at GCSE in Drama?

vet nurse doctor fire fighter police

Can you get into university without gcse french?

So long as French is not essential to the course you are taking, yes. French is not a core subject. Except in France of course.

Can tyger drew honey speak french?

Yes and he is about to take his oral gcse test

French or Spanish GCSE?

French seems to be the one preferred by employers to Spanish, but really it is just a question of which one you believe you will do best in.

Are calculators allowed when taking scholastic level exam?

depends some are calculator and some aren't gcse's have both in them

What is a quick way to learn GCSE french vocab?

Go on and choose one of the French courses :) I could never remember any french words before I went on this website!

Does anyone know a website that has all the gcse higher speaking french topics on it?

I'm surprised you didn't know this already -

Do you need to be able to speak French if you want to do A-level French?

If you had done French as a GCSE, most colleges will accept a C grade at lowest. Although, for some colleges the entry requirements are lower. In some colleges you can do French AS/A2(A-Level) with a good grade in another subject that the college requests.If you didn't do French to a GCSE level, I'd say that starting French at A-Level would'NT be a good way to learn. Many colleges offer GCSE's (usually taken by college students as re-takes) in many subjects. I'd recommend you picked up some local college prospectses and looked through them.