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Are Gerard Way and Lyn-Z together?

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Yes. They have been married since September 3, 2007.

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Did Gerard way married Sabrina henriquez?

No; Gerard Way is married to LynZ Way.

Are Gerard and Lynz still together?

Yes Gerard and Lyn-Z are still together and are happily married

Did Gerard and lynz get married too soon?

Gerard way married lynz well I'm not soo sure but people prob not no the ansewer

Is Gerard Way married?

Yes Gerard Way is indeed married to his beautiful wife LynZ.

Why does Gerard Way love Lynz Way?

Only he can really tell you that.

Did Gerard way cheat on lynz with frank iero?


Is Gerard way's wife pregnant?

Gerard Way and Lindsey (LynZ) Way had a daughter named Bandit Lee Way.

Is Gerard Ways married?

Yes Gerard Way is indeed married to his beautiful wife LynZ.

Is Gerard way heterosexual?

Yeah... Since he's married to LynZ. He most likey wasn't heterosexual his whole life. But he does support homosexuality <3

How tall is LynZ from MSI?

I think she would be smaller than Gerard Way her husband . Maybe about 5 ft 4 something like that ! Thanks for asking !;D

Is Gerard Way and Eliza Cuts still together?

=== === no. gerard way is now married to lyn-z

Is gared way gay?

no, and it's actually Gerard Way [if you are talking about my chemical romance] [unfortunatly] he is currently married to LynZ of mindless self indulgence. [but you know what they say about celebrities' relationships: they don't last]

How old is Lyn-Z from MSI?

She's thirty eight. her husband,Gerard Way was born in 1977 witch makes him 34 .Lynz was born in 1973 witch makes her 38.

How old is lynz from Mindless Self Indulgence?

lynz way was born in may 1976 so her age is thirty two (32).

Do Gerard and Lynz have any children?

Yes they do lyn-z is pregnent at the moment the baby should be born any time soon

When Did Gerard and Eliza Beakup?

If your talking about Gerard Way then they are still together and they have a baby together too. No Gerard and LINDSEY WAY are married Eliza and Gerard broke up ages ago... I just don't know when, obviously the person above me is lost.... and isn't a true fan... -.-

How long was eliza cuts and Gerard way together?

a year

What is lynz real name?

Lindsey Ann Ballato Way

Is Gerard Way's wife really pregnant?

Yes Lyn-Z (Gerard's wife) is pregnant check out the mindless self indulgence web site or my space page it's there. .. Okay, whilst on break it was rumoured that Lynz Batallo-Way got pregnant. It was later confirmed by MSI on their website in a blog. Steve Righ? and his partner are also expecting. Baby boomer much? Gerard and Lynz are expecting arround next winter ^^ Check out: for more. :)

Which instrunment does lynz way play in mindless self indulgence?

The bass.

How long were Eliza Cuts and Gerard Way together?

like a year and a half

How tall is lynz way?

From what I've been told she is either 5'7 or 5'6.

Who is Gerards ways first girl friend?

His wife is named Lynz Way

Is Gerard Way now engaged?

Gerard is now married to Lindsey, the bass player of the band 'Mindless Self Indulgence'. They have a daughter named Bandit-Lee Way together.

What is the birth name of Gerard Way?

Gerard Way's birth name is Gerard Arthur Way.