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Q: Are Hcg levels the same for all pregnancies?
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How long can pregnancy test show positive after a miscarriage?

it depends how high were your hcg levels, i was about 5 weeks when i miscarried nd my hcg were at 880 now after 1 week my hcg gone down to 100 so it all get a positive your hcg levels should be higher then 4

Is your hcg level all right if it is at 47? has a pregnancy chart with the levels on it.

Are all home pregnancy tests the same at detecting pregnancy?

Yes and no. All home pregnancy tests are decting the same hormone, HCG, a hormone that is produced by the developing placenta. However, all home pregnancy tests do not detect HCG at the same levels. So some brands may show positive results sooner than others.

What is a substance whose presence is detected by all pregnancy tests?

hCG levels,which is the pregnancy hormone level. The hCG levels double every two days till about 7-12 week of pregnancy.

Can women feel all their pregnancies having same symptoms?

first of all... please rephrase the question.

Can you still be pregnant with a hcg level of 0.04 and is having all the symptoms and had intercourse 15 days ago?

i think you can be still pregant with a low hcg levels cause it has happen in many women is this true or not

How long after a miscarriage will HCG stay in your system?

It depends on how high your hCG levels were. HCG levels drop at the same rate they climb: i.e. they halve every 2-3 days. I was told 2-3 weeks.It could be more but I doubt it. I've heard that it can take up to six weeks. I was told that it all depends on how far along you are when you miscarry. The more advanced the pregnancy, the longer HGC will stay in your system. I misscarried at 5 weeks and I am still showing a positive result on tests and should now be 13 weeks. HCG results can be deciving with urine, it is the most sensitive way to test. If in doubt ask for a blood test!

What does the placenta do for a fetal pig?

It has the same purpose as all other placental pregnancies, it carries nutrients to the fetus from the mother.

What If 2 folks share the same species what are all the levels they will share?

What If 2 folks share the same species what are all the levels they will share?

What do all the atoms in the same period have in common?

All member of the same period share the same number of energy levels. The energy levels range from one up to seven.

Are flushed cheeks a possible sign of pregnancy?

Yes, it can. Rising progesterone levels can cause your cheeks to flush. This was actually one of the first symptoms I noticed in all three of my pregnancies.

Does discharge occur with all pregnancies?