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some jordans are made in china so NO they are not fake

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2011-11-28 21:28:17
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Q: Are Jordan shoes from china fake?
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Why are jordans made from china?

becasue most jordan shoes are made from china and some jordans that coem from china are fake and not real but that why jordans are made from china

Are the shoes Jordan Flight 9 real or not?


Who wears fake Jordan shoes?

kamil hollingsworth

Where are Jordan's shoes made?

China and Vietnam

Where are Air Jordan products made?

Jordan shoes are made in china

Are shoes made in china fake?

While some shoes made in China are knockoffs of large name brands, this does not imply that all of them are fake. There are many companies that make their shoes in China using globalization to make it cheaper.

Are Prada shoes made in China?

no..thne ones made in china are fake

How can you tell if a website sells fake shoes?

you can tell mostly by the prices. for example if you are looking for a pair of Jordan's and the website advertises the shoes for $60 they are fake . and the shoes, know what the shoes realistically look like.

Are the Nike shoes from China wholesale store real?

Probably. Nike manufacture shoes in China, so its entirely likely they are real. You can spot fake Nikes very easily, as unlike some other fake goods, fake running shoes are usually very poor imitations.

Is jordanmylovecom a fake Air Jordan website?

Yes, the website "" is a fake website. The shoes are not guaranteed to be authentic if you purchase from this site.

Where are real ed hardy shoes made?

Ed Hardy brand name shoes are made in the United States. If the shoes say 'made in China' then they are fake!

What are two products that are grown in China are used in the U.S?

Jordan shoes, and Trojan condoms

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