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yes.this hybrid can weigh 900 pounds or more.

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Q: Are Ligers larger than Tigers
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What adaptations does a liger have?

Ligers do not occur naturally in the wild because the species used to create them, lions and tigers don't live in the same places. However, it is said that a liger has better eyesight than tigers and lions, and ligers are much larger than either of the other animals.

Were do lygers come from?

Ligers are cross-breeds from tigers and lions Ligers are cross-breeds from tigers and lions

How long are Ligers?

Usually between 9-11 feet, you may think that's low if you have ever read that lions and tigers are up to 12-13 feet, and that ligers are usually larger than both, ligers are indeed larger, its just the average male of both tigers and lions is really less than 10 feet, a lot of the large measurements come from old stretched truths, or strecthed skins which is a popular practice with lots of animals including crocs and snake.

What are Ligers and where do they live?

Ligers don't live in the wild and they are a mix of lions and tigers.

How do ligers adapt to their habitats?

Ligers are a cross between tigers and lions. They are not found in the wild since the two cats live on entirely different continents. Ligers have been primarily bred by men. They do well in captivity, being more docile than lions or tigers.

Is a wolf stronger than a liger?

No. Ligers are much larger and more powerful than wolves.

Are tigers the biggest cats?

no ligers are the biggest ones of all cats.No, ligers are

How big can liger teeth grow?

Like male lions, ligers have same teeth length. Ligers can give more bite pressure than lions or tigers.

Can ligers be born in the wild?

No. Ligers are born in captivity only when tigers and lions mate. They are very rare

Do white ligers exist?

There may be. I do know that ligers exist. So do white tigers. Probably do not exist in the wild.

How are male and female tigers different?

Male tigers are larger than female tigers and male tigers whiskers are also longer than the female tigers

Can lions and tigers mate?

Yes they can, and the cubs they have are called ligers

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