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No. They might not get along SOMETIMES but they are still brothers.

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Q: Are Mason Musso and Mitchel Musso half brothers?
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Is Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso related to Miley Cyrus?

Trace Cyrus is Miley Cyrus' brother, but Mason Musso is Mitchel Musso's brother. You may know Mitchel from Hannah Montana as Oliver. Trace and Mason are both from the band Metro Station. Trace is Miley's Half brother.

Is mason musso half Italian?

yes mason is half Italian

Is Mitchel Musso 5 foot 8?

Is Mitchel Musso 5 foot 8? No, he's 5 feet 8 inches and a half

Is mason musso half Italian half califiornian?

yes he is. =)

Who are trace Cyrus and mason musso related to?

Trace Cyrus' Relatives are: Leticia Cyrus (REAL Mum) Billy-Ray Cyrus (Adopted Dad) Brandi Cyrus (Half Sister) Miley Cyrus (Sister) Braison Cyrus (Brother) Noah Cyrus (Sister) Mason Musso's Relatives are: Katherine Musso (Mum) Sam Musso (Dad) Mitchel Musso (Brother) Marc Musso (Brother)

What are the most points scored in a half of a Portland Trailblazers NBA game?

Mitchel Musso

Are any of Hannah Montana's brothers in a band?

His name is Trace Cyrus. He's Miley's half brother and his band is called Metro Station. Also in the band is Mason Musso, Mitchel Musso's brother.Mason and Trace actually met on the set of Hannah MontanaAlso her younger brother Braison has a band. And so does her older sister

Does Mitchel Musso have any sibalings?

Yes he has little brother named Marc who is was born in 1995 and an older brother named Mason who was born in 1989 and is the lead singer of the band metro station along with Miley Cyrus' older half brother trace Cyrus

Is mason musso and trace Cyrus related to Miley Cyrus?

I found your question while surfing the net:Miley Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee on November 23, 1992.[8] She is the daughter of Leticia "Tish" (née Finley) and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.[2] She has an older brother Trace,[9] a vocalist and guitarist of an electronic rock band Metro Station in California.[10] She has an older sister, Brandi.[9] The two were Tish's children from a previous relationship, whom Billy Ray Cyrus adopted when they were very young.[9] She also has an older half-brother, Christopher Cody, her father's son from a previous relationship, but she has not seen Christopher since November 2007 during her concert in Fort Worth, Texas.[11] Miley also has a younger brother, Braison, and a younger sister, Noah, who is also an actress.Mason Musso is not related to Miley but mason musso is related to Mitchel Musso. You may know Mitchel from Hannah Montana whom plays Oliver.

What are the last names of the band members in metro station?

Trace Cyrus(miley's half brother), Mason Musso(mitchel's brother), Anthony Improgo, and Blake Healy

Trace Cyrus biography?

Trace Cyrus is Mileys half brother and is also her 3rd brother. Trace has a band called Metro Station and in that band features Mason Musso ( Mileys co-star Mitchel Musso' big brother!!!) Trace has two younger brothers named Christopher-Cody and braison and three younger sisters named Brandi, Miley and Noah!!!His parents are named Billy-Ray and Trish!!!By: Amaris Delgado!!!Also; His full name is Trace Dempsey Cyrus, born February 24th 1989 and is currently 19 years old. Metro Station features him, Mason Musso, Anthony Improgo, and Blake Healy. He's from Nashville.By: Haley JustineTrace Dempsey Cyrus is half brother to Miley Ray Cyrus(original named Destiny Ray Cyrus), Brandi Glenn Cyrus, Braison Chance Cyrus,Christophor Cody Cyrus, and Noah Lindsey Cyrus. Trace Cyrus was born Febuary.24th of 1989. He is currently 20 years old. He is a smoker and drinks. He is in a band called 'Metro Station'. Other members of the band are Mason Musso, brother of Mitchel Musso, Blake Healy,and Anthony Improgo.Trace is origanaly from Nashville, Tennesse. He is blonde but dyes his hair black. He has 10 peircings. 3 in his nose, 6 in his lips, adn 1 in his eyebrow. I love Trace Cyrus!!! =D

Is trace Cyrus adopted?

Yes, He is adopted. He was Mason Musso's brother and then Billy Ray adopted him and so Mason Musso is Mitchell Musso's brother along with Trace Cyrus. Well half at that. So Technically, Miley and Mitchell are related. OK? Hope this helped!

Who is trace from the band Metro Station?

billy ray cyrus's oldest son. No, Trace is Miley Cyrus half brother. and he is the lead singer and vocalist/guitarist along with Mason Musso and they created the band 2 years ago.

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