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When woman puts on nail polish they should do wudu and then when the next prayer comes they should do massa just like socks. When the nail polish is getting bad then first do wudu then put on nail polish.

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Q: Are Muslims allowed to pray with nail polish?
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Why are Muslims are allowed to pray at work?

Muslims are allowed to pray at work so that they get the chance to remember their Creator, the Master of the entire universe, Who is Allah. Muslims pray to thank Allah for all the blessings He has bestowed to them.

What does the people face when they pray in a chapel?

Muslims are not allowed to pray in whether it is a chapel or church. Muslims pray facing Qibla which is in Mecca.

Are Muslims allowed to pray in schools?

In most countries, where religious freedom is law, Muslims are allowed to pray. It is the responsibility of Muslims to find an appropriate place to pray, where it is clean and free from distraction. Many school libraries have rooms that Muslims may request to use for prayer.

Are muslims allowed tattoo?

No because muslims cannot pray namaz while the tattoo is on the body.

When Muslims pray can they still have their nail varnish on?

If you did the wudu and then put on the nail varnish then its ok to pray with nail varnich on but if you put it before doing the wudu, then u're wudu is not complete and so you can't pray until you've got the wudu. You must do the wudu and then put nail varnish on.

Do Muslims pray in different places?

Yes they do. They pray 5times a day they are allowed to pray anywhere and also it's compulsry for them to pray. basically mosques are built to pray.

How do you say to pray in polish?

"To pray" in Polish is "modlić się".

Do Muslims pray to Muhammad?

No, Muslims do not pray to Muhammad. They pray to God Almighty.

Where do Muslims meet to pray?

muslims meet to pray in mosque

Why you pray to mohamed?

Muslims DO NOT PRAY TO MOHAMMAD (peace be upon him),Muslims pray to ALLAH.

Do Muslims pray to God in churches?

Muslims pray in mosques.

When are Muslims called to pray?

muslims have to pray 5 times a day

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