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No, they are not related because they rule separate lands. They are just friends, they have known each other since they were little. They are just BFFL's. =)

B. Actually they are related. In the Mario Kart wii handbook it listed Daisy as Peach's loud, cool cousin.

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Q: Are Nintendo characters Peach and Daisy related?
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Is Rosetta related to peach or daisy?

No. Rosetta is not related to princess Daisy or Peach.

What are the names of the Nintendo princesses?

roselina , peach and daisy

Are daisy and peach related?

According to the MarioKart Wii handbook, Daisy and Peach are cousins.

Who is princess peach's twin sister?

Princess Peach from Mario's sisters, the video game, is Princess Daisy. These are characters from Mario Brother made for Nintendo video game products.

Is princess peach and daisy real?

No, they are characters in a video game.

Are peach and daisy twins?

No. Daisy and Peach are cousins.

Is princess daisy and princess peach related?

No, because Daisy rules over Sarasaland and Peach rules over Mushroom Kingdom. Plus they believe that Mario marries Peach and Luigi marries Daisy!!TEAM LUIGI!!

Is Daisy a friend of Peach?

Yes Daisy and Peach are best friend. Daisy have friend a Rosalina and Peach and Peach have friend is Daisy,Rosalina,Zelda,and Samus

Who are the original Mario characters?

Mario, Luigi, Toad, Daisy, Peach, Waluigi and Wario

If Peach Rosalina and Daisy are sisters who is the last sister?

Nintendo has stated that Peach and Daisy are siblings however they have never reveled their ages Rosalina however is not their sister she may be a distant relative but she is not their sibling

Who is better peach or daisy?

Daisy because Peach is to girlie.

How old is peach and daisy?

peach is older than daisy

Is princess peach related to princess daisy They're sisters so they are releted?

Princess Peach and Princess Daisy are cousins they play sports and are a lot alike.

What are all of the Mario Kart characters?

On the Nintendo Wii, the characters are... Mario Luigi Peach Daisy Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Peach Baby Daisy Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Waluigi Wario Bowser Bowser Junior Dry Bones Funky Kong Rosalina (achieve by playing SUPER MARIO GALAXY) all i know!!

How old are peach and daisy?

daisy is older, daisy is 21, peach is 20 though peach has had mroe experience travelling the stars (peach is actually rosalina by the way)

Is princess peach related to princess daisy?

They are sisters so they are related like Mario and luigi

Princess peach and daisy?

Nintendo said that they are COUSINS but they may be sisters......I dont really know to be honest!

Who is peach related to?

Well Mario is considered her boyfriend but otherwise Daisy and Toad is like her servant but I think they are related. If anyone else is related to peach I don't know.

What characters are in Mario Party 9?


Who is wealthier peach or daisy?


Does bowser love daisy?

Most likely not because he is preocupied by peach but who knows maybe Nintendo will suprise us.

What is the differents bitwen daisy and peach?

Daisy is a tomboy.Daisy is NOT Peach's sister/cousin their best friends. Unlike Peach, Daisy is strong and tough. Peach is more of the girly type

Does mario love peach or daisy?


Who came first peach or daisy?


Who is better at singing Peach or Daisy?

Peach, haven't you heard her singing before