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Q: Are Popsicle sticks good or bad insulators?
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How do you build a Popsicle bridge?

# buy the supplies (Popsicle sticks and glue) # sort the Popsicle sticks from bad ones to good ones. # pick a design (Arch. suspension and box girder) # Build street and support design # wait a day # connect the two # wait a day # build extras # wait 3 days # test bridge

Are diapers good insulators?

diapers are good insulators because they hold in the cold and and heat but is a bad conductor

Are CC sticks bad or good for the body?


What are the properties of electricity?

good conductors of heat bad insulators low resistence high conductivity

What are the electrical properties?

good conductors of heat bad insulators low resistence high conductivity

What are some good insulaters and bad ones?

Good insulators of both electricity and heat are: Wood Rubber Glass Plastic

What are good insulator and bad insulator?

Good insulators include materials like rubber, glass, and wood that do not easily conduct electricity or heat. Bad insulators, or conductors, include metals like copper and aluminum that allow electricity and heat to flow easily. Materials like plastic and ceramics fall somewhere in between, depending on their specific properties.

What is the characteristic of a material that hinders electron flow?

It is called resistance Good conductors have a bad resistance While bad conductors or insulators have good resistance against the flow of electricity

What are good insulators but bad conductors?

metals. gold and silver are some of the best. copper and aluminum are the most common,

Are walking sticks good or bad?

Both, sometimes they can be bad, like if they eat your plants, then they're bad. But they are also good, because i think they eat bugs also.

What are the electrical properties of metal?

Metals are good conductors of electricity due to the presence of free electrons that can move freely within the metal lattice. They have low electrical resistance, high thermal conductivity, and can easily transfer electric charge. Metals also tend to have low electron affinity, allowing them to readily lose electrons and become positively charged ions.

What are some examples of poor insulators?

In general, metal or anything else that conducts heat or electricity well is a bad insulator.