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Publix stores are closed Easter Sunday.

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Q: Are Publix stores closed Easter
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Are Publix stores open on Easter Sunday?

All Publix stores will be closed on Easter Sunday. Publix states that this is "to allow [their] associates time to spend with their families".

Are Publix stores closed on Easter Sunday?

Yes public stores are closed on Easter Sunday but some small shops may be open.

Is Publix open christmas day?

All Publix Stores are closed on Christmas day, Thanksgiving, and Easter. Generally the day before these holidays, they will close around 7pm as well.

What days are publix supermarkets closed?

Publix is closed 3 days for the year ie. Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Are stores open on Easter Sunday?

nope .. stores are closed on Easter Sunday ! .

What time do Publixs open on Christmas day?

Publix is closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter

Are Kroger stores closed Easter?


Are stores closed for Easter?

It depends where you live.

What are the store hours for publix on a holiday?

All Publix stores are closed on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas day. Most close early on Christmas Eve (7pm,) New Year's Eve (9pm,) and New Year's Day (7pm.) Some stores close on different times around these holidays.

What Publix stores are open Easter Sunday im Winter Haven Florida?

Publix values the commitment to their associates as deeply as they value the customers. For this reason they close all of their stores on Easter Sunday so that their associates have time to spend with their families.

Are all the stores in Westminster mall closed on Easter?


What hours is Target open on Easter Sunday?

According to their ad, Target stores are closed on Easter Sunday.

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