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Yes, they're still being minted. Business strikes are produced in Philadelphia and Denver, with proofs for collectors minted in San Francisco.

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Q: Are Sacajawea dollar coins still being minted and if so by which mints?
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How much are liberty 2000 dollar coins worth?

There is no such thing as a Liberty dollar coin minted in 2000. There is however the Sacajawea dollar which was minted in brass, and unless in proof condition it is only worth $1.

How many Sacajawea coins made?

The Sacagawea Dollar was minted by the US Treasury from 2000 through 2008. What year of mintage did you have in mind?

What is the George Washington dollar coin?

The George Washington "golden dollar" (actually made of brass, as was the Sacajawea coin) was minted as the first coin in the Presidential dollar series mandated in 2005. The Washington coin was issued in 2007 and the coins featuring subsequent US Presidents will be issued through 2016. Every President will have a coin, provided they have been deceased for 2 years on the scheduled date of issue. As of 2012, the coins are being produced only for collectors, and not for circulation, due to a huge surplus of the coins (which includes some Sacajawea dollar coins).

What coin is Sacajawea on?

The One Dollar coins from 2000 to date. And starting in 2007 the US Mint has gave us One Dollar coins with MORE DEAD presidents on them, unfortunately these will last until 2016.

Were there Any dollar coins minted in 1907?

No US 1 Dollars coins were minted in 1907.

What dollars were minted in 1983?

No US dollar coins were minted in 1983.

What is the value of a 1979 Sacajawea dollar?

There is a mistake in your question. The Sacajawea dollars were not minted until 2000, so there would be no 1979 Sacajawea dollar. However, if you meant a 1979 dollar coin, those are Eisenhower dollars and are typically worth face value unless they are in exceptional condition.

What is the value of 1982 dollar?

There were no dollar coins minted that year.

Why was the two dollar bill minted?

There's more information at the Related Question.Two-dollar bills were never MINTED. Only coins are minted. Bills are printed.

Can you get 1 dollar coins?

Absolutely. Several billion have been minted since the first Sacajawea brass dollars were released in 2000. Any major bank and many smaller ones should have both Sacajawea and Presidential Series $1 coins available. Some change machines, especially those associated with major transit systems, also dispense $1 coins.

Who minted 1901 five dollar gold coins?


Is Lincoln penny the only coin that faces right?

No, and there is no special significance that Lincoln is facing right. The Franklin Half Dollar minted from 1948-1963 has Benjamen Franklin facing right. Barber dimes, quarters and half-dollars minted from 1892-1916 has Liberty facing right. The Susan B Anthony Dollar minted from 1979-1999 has Susan B Anthony facing right. The Sacajawea Dollar minted from 2000-present has Sacajawea facing right. Many other historical US coins have also been minted with Liberty facing right, including the Chain Cent and Liberty Cap cent.