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Q: Are Twizzlers supposed to have holes through the middle?
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Why do Twizzlers have holes in the middle?

During the extrusion process the hole is made by a mandrel so the candy will cool evenly. If it were solid the interior wouldn't cool the same as the outside and would then be gooy or uncured.

Why do bagels have holes in the middle?

They have holes because if they didn't they would basically be bread.

You have holes on the top and bottomI have holes on your left and on your rightAnd you have holes in the middle yet you still hold waterWath are you?


Why do ceiling tiles holes have holes?

So air can come out and in through the holes

How old is zigzag supposed to be in the movie holes?

Old as dirt.

You have holes on your top and bottom on your left and right and in your middle what are you?

a sponge. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANSWER: A sponge, which has holes everywhere. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Why is black holes in the middle of the milky way?

Black holes are common in most galaxies. It is not odd that there would be a black hole in the middle of the Milky Way.

Why do flutes have holes in the middle of them?

Flutes have holes so it creates a certain sound when you cover certain holes. If there were no holes, it would only make one sound.

Why do donuts have hole in the middle?

Not all donuts have holes in the middle. But for those that do, it is possible they have them so that they can be easier pulled from a pot or vat; one story by a claimant to their supposed inventor is that the middles were always raw, and he did not like that part, so he would punch them out with a piece of metal.

This is a spreading out of a wave around corners or through holes?

This is a spreading out of a wave around corners or through holes.

Holes What are the boys supposed to do if they find anything interesting or unusual while digging their holes?

beep beep im a sheep :b

How does a cricket breath through its holes in its body?

A cricket breathes through holes in its body, by letting in oxygen i the body

Fall through which holes in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Fall through the holes in an 'S' shape, that is north, west, east, south.

What causes aluminum foil to get holes?

Aluminum foil gets holes in it because it is extremely thin. Aluminum foil is not supposed to be able to last forever.

Can you have one belly button ring that goes through two holes?

Don't they all go through two holes? lol

Who was supposed to have these sneakers in the book of Holes?

Stanley Yelnats IV was thought to have stolen the sneakers.

What are the disadvantages of murder holes?

You could fall through the holes and possibly to your death or enemies.

Can black holes appear out of no where?

no because black holes can only form through supernovas.

Why are there holes in the cribriform plate?

the holes allow for cranial nerve I to pass through our nose

What is the word that means to make holes through?

We can punch or perforate materials to make holes.

Where are massive black holes common?

in the middle of giant galaxies

why are there no oar holes in the middle of the viking longship?

The vikings didn't want to sink.

Why the boat was in the middle of lake bed in holes?

To get to the other side

What do you inhale through?

your inhaling holes

Why do hoarding have holes?

to peek through,

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