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A Timber wolf and a Gray wolf are the same species, just with a different names. Timber wolves refer to a specific region, and Gray wolves is a more general term for all northern wolves. So it really depends which gray wolf you're looking at.

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Q: Are a timber wolf and gray wolf the same size?
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Why is the timber wolf endangered?

there the exact same as the gray wolf

Are timberwolves and gray wolves the same animal?

The timber wolf is a race of the gray wolf.

Are Canadian gray wolves timber wolves?

Canada have gray wolves but it is also known as a timber wolf so technically they have both but they are the same animal.

Why is a gray wolf called a timber wolf?

There are only three species of wolves: gray wolf, Ethiopian wolf, and red wolf. Timber wolves are only a subspecies of gray wolves.

By what name is the timber wolf also known?

The timber wolf is known as lobo wolf, gray wolf,or artic wolf. All the same animal.the timber wolf's scientific name is Canis Lupis AmericanusThe Battletech Timber Wolf (as it is named amongst the Inner Sphere) is referred to a Mad Cat amongst the invading clans.

What is another name for a gray wolf?

Another name for the gray wolf is tha canis lapus or the timber wolf

Is the timber wolf the same as a gray wolf?

If someone says 'gray wolf' it is almost certain they mean a timber wolf. timber wolf   -nounthe gray wolf, Canis lupus, sometimes designated as the subspecies C. lupus occidentalis: formerly common in northern North America but now greatly reduced in number and rare in the conterminous U.S.(

What is another word for gray wolf?

Timber wolf.

What is another name for gray wolf?

timber wolf

Is the timber wolf more aggressive than the gray wolf?

They have about the same aggression. It is only the Arctic wolf that is less aggressive, but this is because they have to save their energy, and somehow they have stronger family bonds - they are nicer to each other.

Are the timber wolf and gray wolf the same?

Yea, they are. It surprised me too.Yes listen to him ^ the guy who using slang and incomplete sentences to answer questions. The timber wolf (also know as the eastern wolf) is a subspeicies of the gray wolf. Look Shlt up before posting retards.There isn't one.

What is the Latin name for timber wolf?

Timber wolf, subspecies of the Gray wolf, has a Latin name of Canis Lupus Lycaon.

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