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i guess most of them

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no, Albanians are Albanians.

Albanians are in the white race.

Yes, Albanians are smart.

Aproximatelly 650.000 Albanians..

*facedesk*What ethnicity do you think that ethnic Albanians are, Sherlock?Well, ETHNIC ALBANIAN of course! Albanian is an ethnicity, that ethnic Albanians are part of!Other Albanians are Greeks, Roma and some Slavs, but they're not ethnic Albanians.

The Albanians took Kosovo from Serbs. That is the answer!!! Now, you can ask: WHEN DID THE ALBANIANS TAKE KOSOVO FROM SERBS.

Yes they do, at least the Catholic Albanians.

how albanians celebrate rite of birthday

Albanians earn around $ 7,800 - $ 8,000 per year

about 70% of Albanians are MuslimsThere is Only one God(Allah) The Creator

Democratic Party of Albanians was created in 1997-06.

albanians major ethnic groop are the albanians 98.6%

The duration of Albanians Got Talent is 2.5 hours.

No Albanians were on the sailing of Titanic.

Albanians Got Talent was created on 2010-08-25.

Albania is known for the "besa" of its people and also for their large number of Albanians left out of the current country like the Albanians of Kosovo,Macedonia,Greece,Montenegro and Serbia.Albania is the only state in the world that is bordered from its own people,like in the north from Albanians in Kosovo,Montenegro and Serbia.On the east from the Albanians in Macedonia and in the south from the Albanians in Greece.

They are so great people especialy Albanians..Kosovo people are Albanians and they always were !!!

yes Albanians are very friendly people one of the friendliest people in the Europe.

Do not listen to this Imbosaul, That is a total lie. Albanians are just as dangerous as any other American family.

Serbians = Serbia Greeks = Greece Bulgarians = Bulgaria Albanians = Albania

Yes. It should be Caucasian.

Caucasian is the correct spelling.

Hi, I am Italian. The answer is no.

no and that is so races

are the albanians good people? weel, yes they are very respecable people and an amazing country. i respect Albania

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