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All 1997-and-up GTP's come from the factory with a 3800 supercharged engine. For 1997-2003 it was the 3800 Series II, and 2004-and-up it is the 3800 Series III.

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Q: Are all 2002 Grand Prix GTPs supercharged?
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What is faster a 2002 Grand Am gt ram air or a 1997 grand prix gt supercharged?

A grand prix gt un-supercharged will smoke a grand am gt, the supercharged gtp grand prix will destroy it.

What size motor does the 2002 Grand Prix GTP have?

3.8L V6 supercharged.

Is the transmission the same in the 99 supercharged grand prix gtp as in the 2000 supercharged grand prix gtp?


What other transmissions fit a 2002 grand prix gt?

97-02 trans are the same 4T65E. The GTPs are HD and geared different.

Is 2004 grand prix gt supercharged?


Can you bput a supercharged engine for a grand prix into a non supercharged grand prix?

Yes, it requires transmission, engine wiring harness and computer from donor car.

How do you know if your grand prix supercharged?

open the hood

Does the 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Supercharged require premium gas?

I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp G Supercharged, and it reccommends premium gas, but it does fine without it.

Horsepower Pontiac grand prix gtp 2001?

All Grand Prix GTPs 1997-2003 produce 240 horsepower and 280 ft.-lbs. of torque from the factory. Hope this helps!

How much oil is needed in your 1999 grand prix gtp?

All Grand Prix GTs and GTPs 1997-2003 will hold 4.5 quarts of oil in the engine oil sump. Hope this helps!

Where is the cabin filter for a 2002 grand prix?

does a 2002 grand prix have a cabin filter?

What Type of freon is needed for a 98 grand prix gtp supercharged?


Is the fuel pump in a grand prix gtp and grand prix the same?

No, Supercharged GTP's require a higher flow fuel pump than GT's and SE's.

What is the top speed of a 97 Pontiac grand prix?

108 governed, 125 supercharged...

How many quarts of oil does a 2002 Pontiac gtp hold?

All Pontiac Grand Prix GTs and GTPs 1997-2003 hold 4.5 quarts of oil in the engine oil sump. Hope this helps!

How do i tell if my 1999 grand prix gt is supercharged?

if you dont know if your grand prix gt is supercharged you should sell it. but if you knew anything about anything then stand outside of your car by either front wheel look on the bottom front of the door and if it says GTP then its supercharged otherwise gt is naturally aspirated.

When did Grand Prix Challenge happen?

Grand Prix Challenge happened in 2002.

When did Prost Grand Prix end?

Prost Grand Prix ended in 2002.

What is faster in the quarter mile a Pontiac grand prix gtp supercharged or a dodge 1500 with a 5.7 hemi?

You'll have to be more specific, as in years and trim, but either way almost always the GTP. Stock GTPs run 14s, most Hemi Rams can't touch that stock.

How many miles will a 1999 grand prix GTP supercharged run till It's been taken care of pretty well it has 177xxx right now?

A 1999 Grand Prix GTP supercharged can run for more than 270,000 miles.

What is the compression ratio on a 1999 grand prix GTP?

The compression ratio is 8.5:1 supercharged motor and 9.4:1 for the non-supercharged motor.

How much horsepower does a 1999 Pontiac grand prix GT have?

1999 Grand Prix has 200 HP. A Supercharged GTP has 240. These are both 3800 Series II motors.

Will a 99 grand prix transmission work in a 01 supercharged grand prix?

Yes, as long as they are both 4T65E transmissions they will easily replace each other, everything is the same.

Where is the location wiper motor Pontiac Grand Prix 2002?

where is the location wiper motor Pontiac grand prix 2002

How do you replace the fan control switch on a 2002 Grand Prix?

"How do you replace the fan control switch on a 2002 Grand Prix?"