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No, but they do have a line of vegan shoes. The vegan shoes are listed as vegan on the website.


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Since Converse were bougth out by Nike I've read that the glue that they use is not vegan. Most Macbeth shoes, however are vegan - they look similar to Chuck Taylor's. sells Vegan Men's Formal Shoes. The have really nice men formal shoes on there. They have Men's vegan oxford shoes and Vegan Dress Shoes for men.

One can find information about Macbeth shoes at the website Macbeth, where one can find information on all Macbeth shoes. On top of the Macbeth website one can find information on Wikipedia, and purchase Macbeth shoes from stores such as Journey's and online stores such as Zappo's and Amazon.

no, most Toms shoes have a suede insole. However, Toms does offer a vegan line, but it's very limited.

Earth brand shoes sell Vegan shoes and there are online shoe stores that sell Earth and other brands that have a vegan line.

Shoes are called Vegan shoes when they are made without the use of leather, silk, wool, or any animal based glues. Vegan shoes are like the Vegan diet, where a person doesn't eat meat or use anything that comes from an animal.

info@mooshoes.com78 Orchard StreetNew York, NY 10002 USA

Tom's make a couple of vegan shoes, not all are, but at least when you buy a pair of his shoes, they give a pair to a child in need.Please see the related link(s) below for more information.

A vegan shoe contains no animal products. In particular it is not made from leather.

One can choose from a large range of vegan boots for both men and women on the 'Moo Shoes' website. One can also purchase them from 'Planet Shoes' and 'Neuaura'.

Most large dance footwear supplier or stores will carry vegan (non-leather) jazz shoes, if you ask. There are many brands that make their shoes out of synthetic fabrics or cotton-nylon-spandex blends.

Vegan running shoes can be found in almost any shoe store that is near you, or you can just go to amazon online in find a specific pair you are looking for.

All the Highland Creeks I see online have leather uppers, so I would say no.

As of August 2014, a store called Cardinal Skate carries Macbeth shoes in Toronto, Canada. Their address is 940 Bloor St West.

Yes, all vegans are vegetarians, but not all vegetarians are vegan.

I believe that all herbivorous dinosaurs were vegan.

UGGs are not vegan, but you can find shoes like UGGs at Kmart, Fashion Bug, and Payless. Always check for the man made label or faux fur to assure that they are vegan.

Not all Hindus are vegan, most of them are non-vegan . Only some of the Brahmins are vegan.

Basically almost all pastas are vegan.

I have one pair of Macbeth size 14s. They are velcro. I have never seen another pair.

Not all of Boca's products... they do make the original vegan variety for their patties.

Alternative StoresDance DirectClick on the links below.

All chocolate contains caffeine. Caffeine is a plant product and is completely vegan. What vegan chocolate does not contain is milk.

most shoes are made of some animal products. he's vegan

No, vegan marshmellos are impossible, they all have sugar and gelatin (not all have sugar though, but all have gelatin. (sugar is not vegan because it is ground through bone meal during the making)

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