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Not all competitors are amateurs some are professionals. It all depends on the game being played.

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Q: Are all Olympic competitors amateurs?
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What Olympic competitors are called?

Olympic competitors are called Olympiads.

Are Olympic competitors amateurs?

No, the Olympics used to be a solely amateur competition when it very first started however now it is open to both professional and amateur competitors. The USA basketball team has competed at the Olympics and you can't get much higher paid than some of them.

Has Russia ever sent competitors to the olympic games?

Russia has sent competitors to most of the Olympic games

How much do the Olympic softball players get paid?

Olympic sportsmen/women are amateurs they do not receive payment.

What are Olympic competitors called?


What are the different Olympic events that competitors can take part in?

in the Olympic sports

What is the average age of the olympic competitors?


How many competitors in Olympics games?

approximately how many competitors will compete at the london olympic games?

Do Olympic athletes get paid for TV interviews?

No they cannot be paid if they compete in the Olympic games, they are amateurs until they are paid professionally, then they can no longer compete in the Olympic games.

The number of competitors in the ancient olympic games?

Slime !!!!!!!

What country has the fewest competitors in its olympic team?

the somoans

Which individual olympic event has the most competitors?


What are the names of the Netherlands olympic competitors?

joanne tildels

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What olympic event do the competitors wear a top hat?


How many competitors for the 2012 olympic rhythmic gymnastics?


What did competitors of the ancient olympic games wear?

Nothing, they were in the nude.

Why was tennis dropped as olympic sport after 1924?

It was dropped when the International Tennis Federation and the International Olympic Committee had a dispute over allowing amateurs to compete.

How have composites aided competitors in the Olympic sport of speed skating?

how composites have aided in the Olympic sport of speed skating

What is the size of the American olympic team?

596 competitors according to Wikipedia.

What did the competitors wear when the Ancient Olympic games first started?


What do they call Olympic competitors?

I'm pretty sure it's 'Olympians'

How many 2012 summer olympic competitors are there from Denmark?

1,234,693,480 from Denmark