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Yes they are, the only categories that are warm blooded are birds and mammals.

Yes. Amphibians are cold blooded and depend upon their surroundings to regulate their internal temperature. The only warm blooded animals currently on the planet are mammals and birds.
All amphibians are cold blooded, however they inhabit different climates. Some become uncomfortable if removed from the tropics, while others can become frozen solid, defrost and survive.

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Yes, all amphibians are cold blooded (ectothermic).

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Yes, amphibians are cold-blooded.

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Q: Are all amphibians cold blooded
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Is the bell frog cold blooded or warm blooded?

All amphibians are cold blooded. A frog is an amphibian.

Are cane toads warm or cold blooded?

Cold blooded because cane toads are amphibians and all amphibians are cold blooded.

Is a caecilian cold blooded?

A caecilian is cold blooded because it is an Amphibian and all Amphibians are cold blooded

Which animal is cold -blooded?

Alligators and crocodiles as well as most lizards and snakes are cold blooded.

What are the cold-blooded vertebrates?

All reptiles, amphibians and fish are cold-blooded vertebrates.

Are amphibians worm blooded?

No , amphibians are not warm blooded but cold blooded .

Are mammal cold blood?

No, all mammals are warm blooded. Reptiles and amphibians are cold blooded.

Are Salamanders warmblooded?

Salamanders are cold-blooded, not warm-blooded. Salamanders are amphibians, and all amphibians are cold-blooded. no. they take on the temperature of the environment. salamanders need a heat source like a light when in captivity.

Are red snappers cold or warm blooded?

red snappers are cold blooded of course because it is an amphibian all amphibians are cold blooded

Is a cold blooded animal an invertebrate?

All invertebrates are cold blooded; however, not all cold blooded animals are invertebrates. For example, reptiles, amphibians and most fish are cold blooded, but they are not invertebrates.

Are Aves cold blooded?

no all aves are warm blooded, even penguins are warm blooded. reptiles and amphibians are cold blooded though

Are amphipians warm or cold blooded?

*amphibians. They are cold blooded.