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Q: Are all animals in the food chain?
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Is a seahorses at the bottom at its food chain?

Well it all depends on what animals are in your food chain

What is scentence for the word 'food chain'?

All animals, including man, are part of the food chain.

Are humpback whales important to the food chain?

yes, all animals are improtant to the food chain.

What animals do not belong in the food chain?

All animals belong on the food chain except for humans because we are a major threat to our envioronment.

How do you protect the endangered animals?

yes we can live without disturbing the food chain. all animals are directly or indirectly dependent on the food chain

What do animals need to travel though food chains?

All animals are in the food chain, and you can't travel to a food chain. If you want to learn more about food chains ask a question in here like 'what is a food chain?'. I hope my advice helps.

How does killing one species spiral through the food chain?

it affects the food chain by killing one then another. For example, if rabbits are taken out of an ecosystem, then all the animals that eat the rabbit die and the animals that eat the rabbit- eating animals die, and so forth.

What are the most abundant organism in a food chain?

All animals are part of one or more food chains and the food chain starts with plants. Many of the very smallest animals eat plants, but most larger animals eat other animals. The bigger animals eat smaller ones. That is the chain. And that makes the smallest animals most important because they cause the chain to progress.

How is the food chain related to the web of life?

The food chain connects all the energy of animals to the greatest to the least and the food web still shows all the energy and they both contains nature,water,soil,air,weather,and plants

What is the food chain of land animals in Antarctica?

There is no food chain for land animals on Antarctica, because there are no land animals that live there.

Are all animals that are not carnivorous at the bottom of the food chain?

The elephant is not a carnivore and has very few natural predators. So, no, not all non-carnivores are at the bottom of the food chain.

What all animals live in Antarctica?

No animals live in Antarctica: it's too cold and there is no food chain.