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No. In modern language use we differentiate with terms like Airman or

Sailor or Soldier or Marine and the whole world is expected to know the


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There are about 1.3 million active personnel in the US armed forces as a whole.

Soldiers were service men and women who enlisted or were drafted into the armed forces of the various countries involved.

Whle members of the military are NOT members of the civil service, the police ARE members of the civil service (i.e.: CIVILian Service) .The police are under the control of their local civilian government (the Executive Branch) while the military is under the control of the Department of Defense which answers to the Congress and the President.

He helped boost troop morale by entertaining armed service personnel .

While volunteers were always accepted, soldiers were drafted for service in the US armed forces during World War 1.

Contact the branches of the Military at their websites(Army,Navy,Air Force,Marines,Coast Guard)

180 days of Active Service and an Honorable Discharge My father was in the navy and it didn't have anything to do with how long he served. He is considered a veteran and it often refers to retired armed services personnel. A veteran is one who has served in the armed forces and has an honorable discharge. A common misconception is that one had to have either been in combat and/or has retired from active duty to be called a veteran.

Approximately 4,000 employees, 1,200 criminal investigators, an armed uniformed division with 1,000 personnel, forensic laboratories and a communications system, and about 1,000 technical and administrative support personnel.

is yaws considered armed and dangerous

No. Rabies is very dangerous, but it cannot be considered armed.

The categories of positions in the Philippine civil service are: Career Service and Non-career Service. Under the career service category are seven kinds of career positions, namely: open career positions; closed career positions; career executive service positions; career officers; commissioned officers and enlisted personnel of the Armed Forces; personnel of government-owned and controlled corporations; and permanent laborers.

The House Armed Service Committee is a committee of the US House of Representatives that funds the Department of Defense and the US armed forces.

They were primarily armed with weapons taken from the dead and wounded.

in modern times, armored personnel vehicles are used to transport NJ national guard, and similar personnel carriers (like hummers) are used by the other armed forces.

well does it have a gun? then its not armed.

yes the common cold is in fact considered armed and dangerous

A man or woman of military service becomes a veteran the moment they leave the armed forces. If they are currently in service, they are not considered veterans, but when they leave they are immediately veterans.

Japan had more soldiers but Germany's were better trained and armed.

Yes! Teatanus is considered highly armed and dangerous but can be treated if it is properly done.

The SSA was designed to allow the government to draft young men into the military. This was to keep the US armed services fully stocked with soldiers.

Dangerous - yes. Armed - probably not

Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Service Medal was created in 1973.

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