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No, they are not.

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Q: Are all digital clock crystal oscillators the same?
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What is ten minutes to nine in digital clock?

Ten minutes to nine on digital clock would be the same as saying it is Eight Fifty.

How many time will a digital clock show the same time twice?


Specify the crystal frequency required for an 8085 system to operate at 1.1mhz?

The crystal frquency in an 8085 system is twice the desired clock frequency, so a crystal of 2.2 MHz is required to operate at 1.1 MHz.Note: Clock frequency is not the same as instructions per second, because the instructions in an 8085 take a variable number of clock cycles, between 4 and 18, to execute.

How logic gates are working in digital watches?

If you have read How Pendulum Clocks Work, you know that all clocks (regardless of technology) have a few required components:A source of power to run the clockIn a pendulum clock, the weights or the springs handle this role.An accurate timebase that acts as the clock's heartbeatIn a pendulum clock, the pendulum and escapement handle this role.A way to gear down the timebase to extract different components of time (hours, minutes, seconds) In a pendulum clock, gears serve this role.A way to display the timeIn a pendulum clock, the hands and face serve this role.A digital clock is no different. It simply handles these functions electronically rather than mechanically. So in a digital clock, there is an electrical power supply (either a battery or 120-volt AC power from the wall). There is an electronic timebase that "ticks" at some known and accurate rate. There is an electronic "gearing mechanism" of some sort -- generally a digital clock handles gearing with a component called a "counter." And there is a display, usually either LEDs (light emitting diodes) or an LCD (liquid crystal display).

How many times does a digital clock show three of the same number in a day?

5 times

How many times would a digital clock display the same numbers in a 24-hour day?

i think its 17

How many times does a digital clock show the same digits at a time in a twenty four hour period?


How many times will a digital clock display three or more of the same number in a row over a curse of the day?


How would quarter past four in the afternoon be shown on a twenty -four hour on a digital clock?

Quarter past four in the afternoon is the same as 4:15 pm.On a digital clock it could be shown as 4:15 with a pm indicator or 16:15On a 24 hour clock it would always be shown as 16:15

What two times on a digital clock read the same forward as they do backwards and are 2 minutes apart?

9:59, 10:01

What is analogue time?

There is no such thing as 'analog time'. Time is measured the same way whether you use an analog or digital clock. An analog clock is represented as a circle, with 'hands' on its face that point to different numbers to tell the time. A digital clock is simply a set of numbers, usually accompanied by 'AM' or 'PM' to denote day or night. For instance: 9:42 PM

How do you reset the clock on a 2003 Mercedes sl500?

On the 2003 model SL, at the digital clock on the dashboard, you'll see a couple of little black buttons....those buttons control the clock. I believe you have to push both buttons at the same time to activate the settings.