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No, there are some free ones you can send. It's not very expensive though and worth the money if you join.

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Q: Are all jibjab ecards member exclusive?
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Where can I find funny eCards for a birthday?

I get all my ecards from as it's a free site. There is a huge selection of cards to choose from, so you will most likely find the perfect card there among all the hysterical ecards they offer.

Where can i find thank you ecards online?

You can find e-cards on line at the following, or eCards Everyday Any one of these sites should give you a choice of beautiful ecards.

Which website offers free eCards?

You can find free ecards at this website: They have cards for all holidays including Christmas. You can pick whichever one you want.

Are hallmark eCards given to people for free?

Hallmark has some free ecards, but they also have premium ecards that cost money. They give out a free premium eCard of the week. This weeks is a eCard with a hula girl on the front. For $1 a month, you can pick all the premium ecards you want to send out. They do have ecards with flowers on them. Some of the free ecards with flowers on them are titled: You're Awesome!, Is My Butt Big?, Friends Color The World, You're a Special Friend, Hip Hop With The Bunny!, and Happy Anniversary.

Where can I find some great eCards?

You can find eCards online at the Y site. They have the custom program to add your images and sound to send out to all people with email addresses. Try it now.

Where can I send me friends free animated eCards?

I love free animated ecards but they are becoming more and more difficult to find. Hallmark have a few free ones left. I would look at the websites of all the bigger card companies and see if they offer free animated ecards as well.

Which site is best for making eCards for holidays?

Egreetings has a classic collection of eCards for all of your holiday needs. Categories include birthdays, thank you notes, as well as most major US holidays.

Do you lose all the exclusive items when your membership is over on fantage?

No but you cant use them until you become a member again (or so I have heard).

What websites offer free Fathers Day ecards?

You can find free father's day ecards at They also offer free cards for all other occasions. 2HKRL186X1H576700

Where can I get free ecards online?

There are several different sites for getting free eCards. I would go with one of the more popular choices and look through what they offer. Hallmark is one of the best sites for getting eCards and you should be able to find what you are looking for there.

What does a member of mileyworld do?

A member of MileyWorld gets a member pack and gets to use cool features on These features include: MileyWorld chat rooms-chat about all things Miley and tons more, exclusive videos Miley has personally recorded, updates, news, blogs and tons more!

Opposite of all inclusive?

The opposite of all-inclusive is Exclusive