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No not all research projects are the same they have the same structure but different topics.

It tells the reader the meaning of that topic,etc....

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Q: Are all research projects the same?
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What other projects don't need money?

All projects generally need money because of the type of research that is usually put in such projects.

Do you have samples of research projects?

i needQuantitative Research Project

Another name for blue sky projects?

Long Range Strategic Projects; Transformation Projects; Visionary Projects; Projects with clear goals or end states; Basic Research Projects; Fundamental Research Projects

What do the letters stand for in ARPANET?

Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork

what is the full form of ARPANET?

ARPANET in full is Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.

Is this notebook suitable for advanced research projects in physics?

The Acer Aspire One Netbook has all the latest technology, so yes it would be suitable for advanced physics projects.

What is the name of the network started by the US government that was the start of all networking?

ARPANET, or the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.

Which generation of plants used in Mendel's research all had the same genotype?

the F1 generation

How is research on Asperger's Syndrome conducted?

I've taken part in a research study and it consisted of me filling out questionnaires, doing tasks on a computer, having a MRI scan whilst doing the same computer tasks, and being interviewed, but there are many different types of research projects.

Is research the same as background information?

Yes, they are the same. Background information is more old research and "Research" tends to be thought of as new research.

Do you believe that a firm should use the same cost of capital for all of its projects?


Research projects on the Simulation transport damage study on orange fruits?

please, do give me a research projects on the simulation transport damage study on orange fruits.