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Are all squares retangles?


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yes all squares are rectangles!


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No, rectangles are not squares

Retangles, squares, parralelegrams and various other shapes

yes, all rectangles have right angels.

A polygon is an inclosed figure with at least 3 sides. So yes, all retangles are polygons.

All squares are rectangles. All rectangles aren't squares.

All squares are quadrilaterals. Not all quadrilaterals are squares.

Yes, all Squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares because it needs to have all equal sides.

Yes, all squares are rhombi (aka rhombuses), but all rhombi are not squares.

No but all squares are a rectangles

no, but all squares are rectangles

All rhombuses are NOT squares.

True. All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.

No, but all squares are all rectangles.

Yes they are special rectangles that are tilted over

all squares are quadrilaterals.True.

All squares are a special type of rhombi. The special feature is that all angles of squares are equal.

Yes because all squares and rectangles are four-sided parallelograms. All squares are rectangles but not all reclangles are squares.

yes all squares are extremely similar

No, the other way. All squares are parallelograms.

It has 6 faces, though not all of them are squares. It as two squares in all, though.

All squares are rhombuses. However, all rhombuses are not a square.

YES, all Squares are Rhombuses

trapezoids are trapezoids and squares are squares but all are quadrilaterals.

By definition, all squares are parallelograms. Not all parallelograms, however, are squares. All rectangles and rhombuses are also parallelograms.

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