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Are all dogs in the same Kingdom?

Yes: All dogs are the same species and they are all in Kingdom animalia, and in the phylum coradata!

Do all dogs eat the same food?

No, all dogs do not eat the same food. Some dogs need a special diet just for them. Other dogs can eat dry food and then others eat wet.

How long will pitbull dogs be pregnant?

The gestation period (duration of pregnancy) is the same for all dogs. From 56 to 63 days or 8 to 9 weeks. Well pretty much all dogs are the same they can be all 8-9 week so all breeds can be the same

Do all domestic dogs belong to the same species?

Yes, all domestic dogs belong to the same Species, which is Canines, Latin name being Canis familiaris. However dogs spread off into different breeds.All domestic dogs are canines, but not all canines are dogs: for example, wolves, dingo's, jackals. All of these animals are Canines, which means they all belong to the same genus Canisbut not all of them are considered domestic dogs.The subdivisions of dogs are called BREEDS again all pitbulls are dogs, but not all dogs are pitbulls. Think of it that way and you'll never go wrong with species!

Are all dogs eyes the same size?


Do all dogs have the same size and weight?


Are dogs the most popular pet?

no. all animals are treated the same ya actually they are all treated the same, but dogs are the most popular in america.

Are all dogs in the family of the wolf?

Yes. The wolf and all dogs are part of the canine family.

How does a wolf reproduce?

The same way as dogs. After all, dogs originally came from wolf.

Do dogs and cats belong to the same species?

not at allcats are felinesdogs are canines

Why are all dogs different colors?

dogs aren't all different colors some dogs have the same colors as others or some are onlyone color

Do dogs have elbows?

yes, dogs do have 2 elbows and knees. it is the same with all mammal's! =D

What does dogs with big eyes eat?

All dogs eat pretty much the same things.

Where do female dogs pee from?

from their urethras the same as male dogs and ALL other mamals who urinate!

What do crocker spaniel dogs eat?

The same as all dogs, mainly dog food, meat, vegetables leftovers. They still eat the same as other dogs, not that their breed matters.

Are dogs and cats related?

Yes, because a long time ago they were all the same, but then scientists decided that all boys should be dogs and all girls should be dogs :) hope this helps

What is the food chain of Labrador Retrievers?

same as all dogs

What is the genus of the American bulldog?

It is the same as all dogs: the Canis

What family is a poodle in?

Canidae All dogs are in the same family...

Can you use human shapoo on dogs?

yeah its all the same

How dogs in Portland Oregon?

THIER THE SAME AS ALL THE DOGS IN THE USA IDIOT! steven97: wow what an itiot.

Do dogs recognize their siblings?

Yes the dogs recognize their siblings because they all have something same about or on their body

Why do dogs all look alike?

Cause there dogs and they look the same. Next time look it up.

Are dogs and wolves cousins?

all dogs are related to the wolf, so yes they are.

Do all dogs die at the same age but only the same dogs?

No. The same breeds of dogs have the same life span but they do not all die at the same age. For Example: The average life span of a German Shepherd is 7-10 years. I have had 3 German Shepherds. One died at 11, one died at 9, and one died at 7.