Are aunts your relatives

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Yes, they are related directly to you. They are your mothers sister.

And your father's sisters.

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Q: Are aunts your relatives
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Which relatives live in a hill-riddle?

The relatives that live in a hill are Aunts.

What relatives live in the hills?


What is a synomyn for family?

# relatives # friends # siblings # parents # grandparents # aunts-uncles # step -------

Did Elvis Presley have aunts?

Yes, Elvis had relatives known as "Aunts" with the most infamous being Aunt Delta who lived at Graceland (Elvis' home in Memphis Tennessee) for a period of time.

What types of relatives are there?

There are many kinds of relatives. The most important are your parents, your children, your grandchildren and your siblings. Other relatives are Aunts, uncles, grandparents, first cousins, second cousins, great grandparents, etc., etc.

Do gerbils have relatives?

Yes. In aunts and uncles, yes. In animals, mice, hamsters and various types of rodents. - GerbilExpert

How do you know that your mother has a sister?

In the great majority of cases, mothers tell their children about their aunts and other relatives, and even introduce them.

What are relatives and what is their importance in ones life?

People who are related to you: parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc.

How can you say relative in feminine term?

"female relative" Your female relatives are your aunts, neices, sisters, grandmas, etc. (Did I understand your question?)

What is a family system including many relatives?

A family system with many relatives could be: Two sets of Grandma and Grandpa Mom and Dad Brothers and sisters aunts and uncles cousins second cousins

Which of these family members are relatives and not considered as immediate family?

Your immediate family are your parents, siblings, spouse, and kids. Every one else, (your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, etc) are your relatives.

Do aunts have custody rights over their nephews?

No, only parents have custody rights. If they are found unfit the other relatives have equal rights to get a chance for custody.

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