Are bar codes space spin offs?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Are bar codes space spin offs?
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How was bar codes originally used in space?

Bar codes were originally used in space when they had to scan it on their way out of the space craft so the ISS would know exactly when they left and when they came back in and exactly how long they have been out.

Are there cheat codes for shopping cart hero?

click space bar for it to do everything for you

How did NASA use bar codes?

NASA uses bar codes to monitor the millions of parts they get to build space vehicles. For example NASA had to purchase thousands of heat tiles for the bottom of the space shuttle, for the reentry part of the mission. They were able to track them from start to finish.

What are the modern bar codes in the shapes of squares called?

Those newer bar codes are still bar codes, but they are 2-dimensional bar codes, and we call them quick response(QR) codes.

How can you get a categories for your upcs bar codes?

how can i get categories from newport pleasure ,so i can use my upcs bar codes,like a one time i send my bar codes in and they send me what i send for with my bar codes

What country bar code is 200?

Countries do not have bar codes. They may have calling codes, or postal codes, internationally recognised. Bar codes are usually for items on retail sale.

How do you get up the spikes that are shooting at you on red dragon island?

Get out your stick, when you're a ninja, press the space bar and it should spin. Witch should reflect the spikes.

What are five spinoffs from space exploration?

bar codes, pacemakers, TV satellite, Black and Decker cordless products, ski boots, and toothpaste

When did The Space Bar happen?

The Space Bar happened in 1997.

What is a bar spin?

It's when you do a wheelie and spin the handlebars around as your front wheel is off the ground.

Do bar codes tell you when a product was purchased?

if you have an ipod you can download an app that will scan bar codes and it will tell you.

What is a bar code reader and is it buyable?

Bar codes no longer need specialized equipment to read them. Your smartphone has many apps that can read bar codes. There are apps where you can learn about the many types of bar codes and even generate and print bar codes of your own.