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Are bikes faster than scooters?


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yes because on a bike there pettle and you keep pettling but on a scooter you kick and glide it doesnt really go fast on a skate board you do the samething what scooter does


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Bikes are faster than scooters.

Because they're cheaper than cars, scooters and motorcycles, but more comfortable and faster than walking.

Bikes and scooters both have 2 wheels

In some states, electric bikes and scooters may be able to go into the bike lane.

Bikes,scate boards,and scooters.

generally a racing BMX is built for speed, hence they are made lighter than normal bikes and also have a bigger sprocket witch enables the driver( back sprocket) to go faster.

Huh? If they are both moving at the same speed neither is faster.

Skateboards are better because you can go faster and it is portable

Tandem bikes have the potential to be faster, but it is eventually all down to the riders. For good riders on reasonably flat roads wind resistance is quite a limiting factor, and two riders on a tandem will have less wind resistance than two riders on two separate bikes. Still, the difference isn't that big, so a good solo rider will be faster than two average tandem riders.

yes, they can work with both scooters and bikes. but if you ride a scooter, make sure that the headset is integrated or non- integrated all depending on which deck you have.

taking boats, planes, trains, cars, bikes, skateboards,scooters etc.

I have owned both of these scooters and the pro scooters are much better, That's why they cost more than slam scooters.

cots, toys, scooters and bikes. Oh and the kids, yeah dont fall on them

No, Superbikes are production based bikes, or modified versions of the bikes you can buy. MotoGP bikes are built specifically to race, which means their probably going to be faster. Their closer in time on the tight slower tracks, then on tracks with long straights. So pretty much their always faster.

Depends on the degree of customization. Stock bikes are likely to be faster off the mark, but eventually a car can generate more downforce and is likely to be ultimately faster.

Providing top quality ATV, Mopeds/Scooters, Trikes, Street Bikes, Dirt Bikes, UTV, and Electric Motorcycles, variety of accessories and inventory of parts– at very affordable prices.

it is the fastest street legal car in production. but there are lots of cars, bikes, jets, boats and other things faster than the Bugatti Veyron.

Because they can't afford cars and bicycle riding is faster than walking.

vehicles are required for transportation and cars are safer than bikes, scooters, cycles... cars are cheaper than trucks (which are also used for transportation... there are luxury cars, people love to travel in it... also cars are stronger.

Motogp bikes accelarate faster, and would win on a quarter mile

Same reasons they're useful anywhere. Non-polluting transportation that's faster than walking.

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