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In airsoft, you can't reuse BBs, whether it's bio-degradable or not. If a BB already being shot from an airsoft gun, it may have beared some cracks (though its invisible with bare eyes) or change it's shape (deteriorate) . If you use it again, you can damage your airsoft gun. Bio-degradable BBs will only decomposing in a specific conditions (i.e leave on a damp/wet soil for days) and will not decomposing in a normal storage conditions.

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Q: Are bio BBs reusable or do they rot?
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Do bio bbs work for any gun?

Any airsoft gun. Yes

Are rubber bands bio degradeable?

No, rubber bands are not bio-degradeable because it cannot fully rot/rotten by nature

What kind of plastic are the bbs in Crosman airsoft gun?

Some are made of standard plastics, while others are bio-degradable.

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Are bio BBs bad for your airsoft gun?

No. Honestly, before I started to use it, I also feel worry a lil'bit. I was afraid that it will broke inside the barrel or even decomposing in storage even before I can use it LOL. But that time me and my friends have no choice because that is the only kind of BBs available (In Indonesia we really depend on importers for units, spareparts, gasses, and BBs. What they send in to the market is what we use in the field) . But I've been using bio-degradable BB's for nearly 2 years now and I don't have any problem with it. I use bio-degradable Golden Ball 6mm, 0.25 gr black BBs with my highly modified JG M4S-System, currently in 20-25 rps (rounds per second) and 450-475 fps. Absolutely NO PROBLEM, as long as you use good quality bio-degradable BBs. It will not broke inside your barrel and will only decomposing in a specific conditions (i.e leave on a damp/wet soil for days). Beside, bio-degradable is good for nature.

Are there non poluting airsoft bbs?

There are... i think these are non poluting i would assume because they are bio degradible these are .20's (See The Link Below)

What kind of BBs should you use for the SG-S mini from Walther?

The SG-S takes 6MM BB's. Walther, Crosman, Elite force or Bio bb are good.

How do you can calculate BBS?

You search 'how do you calculate BBS' on google

How can you calculate bbs in civil engineering?

bbs book

Which is better silver or gold bbs?

silver bbs

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