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No They are not signs of pregnancy.

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โˆ™ 2014-08-04 16:55:47
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Q: Are bleeding and cramps early pregnancy sign?
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Are cramps an early sign of pregnancy?


Is light bleeding in clear discharge a sign of pregnancy and mild cramps which I usually don't get?


Is cramping and slight bleeding an early sign of pregnancy?


You have had period like cramps for two weeks could this be early signs of pregnancy?

Just cramps are not the sign of pregnancy, have a urine test done to confirm it.

Is mild cramping in your lower belly a sign of pregnancy?

Period like cramps are a sign of early pregnancy and I myself experienced these, but unfortunately they are also a sign of your oncoming period. This can prove to be a very unhelpful sign of pregnancy lol.

Are vaginal cramps like yoru period is coming an early sign of pregnancy?

Abdominal cramps can indicate pregnancy, Ovulation, approaching period & UTI. Vaginal cramps is most likely caused by a yeast infection.

Is stomach pain not cramps a sign of pregnancy?

Cramps are a sign of pregnancy, i was sure i was coming on my period i had all the cramps etc.. im now 5 months pregnant

Is leg and foot cramps an early sign of pregnancy?

Absolutely not. Leg and/or foot cramps most likely means you have a stretched tendon, pulled muscle, or just outdoing the limit of what those body parts can complete. However, if you have a history of this, see a doctor but this ISNT an early sign of pregnancy.

Is a period without cramps a sign of pregnancy?


Are abdominal cramps a sign of pregnancy?

Yes they are.

Can spotting before your period be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes spotting can be a early sign of pregnancy it is cause from the egg implanting into the uterus causing some slight bleeding.

Is it normal to have bleeding with lower back pain like period pain very early in pregnancy?

This isn't normal but it is reasonably common. Many women experience bleeding in the early part of pregnancy. Often it will settle and the pregnancy proceeds as normal. However, the cramps are not a particularly great sign. The combination can mean you will or are having a miscarriage. See your doctor so they can perform further tests to see if this actually is the case.

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