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Boogers are mainly made up of natural oil your skin secretes, dead skin, dust/dirt filtered out from the air you breadth by nose hairs and muscus producted by the body to keep your air ways moist. They have no significant nutritional value. Stop eating them. You jelly?- f

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What is the fear of boogers called?

There is no word for the fear of boogers

Do children have boogers?

Everyone has boogers.

What do boogers smell like?


Do owls have boogers?

I do not know if owls have boogers. But I bet they do.

What forms boogers?

Boogers are a sign of your immune system.

Do boogers smell?

yes they smell like boogers

Does a penguin have boogers?

anything that has a nasal cavity will have boogers

Does horses have boogers?

Yes, horses do have boogers but there boogers is way up in the top of there nose where it first starts and there boogers is very larger than a humans so yes they do.

Why does your dog have lots of eye boogers?

Pets actually have no snot/boogers at all. Eye boogers are not boogers, they are called sleep. They are different. I hope that helps. But alas, I do not know why they have lots.

Do birds have boogers?

yes, birds have 'boogers' because they have nostrils.

How many boogers does it take to equil snot?

10 boogers

Where can you buy boogers?

I don't believe anyone sells boogers.

When was Boogers Are My Beat created?

Boogers Are My Beat was created in 2003.

Is boogers posinus?

Boogers are not poisones they are just GROSS!! i have a 2 year old brother and he eats his boogers and there is no problen with him so your fine.

What are boogers made of?

Boogers are dust particles that get stuck in your snot and dry

Why are boogers called boogers?

Because booger sounds more goey

Is it ok for a dog to have boogers?

yes of course, all things have boogers

Why do you call boogers boogers?

its just a random American term they made up

When was Marco Boogers born?

Marco Boogers was born on 1967-01-12.

What is the comparative of nutritious?

More nutritious.

Are boogers contagious?

Yes in fact boogers are highly contagious. Boogers are a greenish brown sometimes red substince that americans use to clean tables. They are slimy.

Do boogers stink?

no, they don't, and what stupid idiot would smell their boogers? wow... get a life!

Can boogers be green?

Well boogers can be green because different germs will have different colours.

Is jello made of boogers?

It depends on you if you'll make boogers as a flavor of your Jell-O.

Why do you have boogers?

Special glands in the nose produce "boogers" to keep bacteria from entering our bodies. (You know your snot is doing its job when your boogers are green from the build-up of bacteria)

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