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Are both barrels on a Stevens 311-h full choke?

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While I'm not sure about this particular model, I would say it's more likely that the barrels have different chokes. In the days before modern shotshells with plastic shotcups for ovepowder wads, it was common to bore the right barrel modified and the left barrel full choke. After the shotcup came into common use in loading shotgun shells, it became common to make the right barrel improved cylinder, and the left barrel modified, as the shotcups tend to make the gun throw a tighter pattern than if the old type fiber wads were used. If the gun was made strictly for waterfowling, it might in fact have been made with two full choke barrels, as waterfowlers tend to need a little more reach than, say, a grouse hunter. A gunsmith should be able to determine what the choke is for each barrel by measuring the diameter of the choke. Pattern testing might give you a clue, also. Hang a large piece of paper on a backstop 20 or 25 yards away. Put a 1 inch "bullseye" in the middle of it with a marker or stick on bullseye. Shoot one shot with each barrel, each at a clean target, using the circle or bullseye as an aiming point. Comparing the pattern spread will tell you if they're the same choke. The denser the pattern, the tighter the choke. .

If it is a 12 gauge it should have a full choke on the left barrel and modified on the right barrel. Take a dime and see if it will fit in the barrel. A dime will not fit in a 12 gauge full choke barrel.

If it is a 410 like mine then they are both full otherwise they would be diffetent like IMP and Mod. or Mad and Full.

My 311-h in 12 ga x 2-3/4" & 3" has a full choke barrel on the right, and a mod choke barrel on the left. Yours should be the same. Most fixed choke double-barreled shotguns larger than .410 have different chokes on the barrels, so you can shoot for the pattern you need for the range you need. If you look really closely, you will notice on the 311 series H, one of the last 311 series made, that they even regulated the barrels for different ranges, and that your full choke barrel points slightly higher than the mod choke, to center the pattern on the sight post at a longer range. Cool, huh?

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Are both barrels on a Stevens 311 h full choke?

You can get a choke gauge at any gun shop. However- some of the older guns give a slightly off reading due to wear. A dime should fit tightly in a full choke barrell. "Old hand" way of checking. Break open the gun as if loading. Choke should be stamped on the inside just below where the shell would go.. Solo

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What is the value of a 410 Stevens Model 311H double barrel shotgun?

A SxS in useable but not like-new condition will bring between $100 and $250. A 20 gauge or .410 will be in the mid to upper part of that range and a 12 or 16 gauge in the lower to middle part. I have a 12 ga double barrel and a 410 ga double barrel, both Stevens model 311H Series in excellent condition. I have saw the 410 ga priced as high as $600 at several gun shows. The 12 ga at around $400. . Ken.....

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Can you shoot a slug out of a 20 gauge poly choked barrel?

Let's be logical about this. Is an ammo manufacturer going to make something that is going to make your barrel explode if you forget to put the right choke tube in? Probably not...My dad had a Savage-Stevens single shot 16ga. with a full choke (back in the day when there weren't choke tubes) that he fired "Foster style" slugs through frequently. The barrel never exploded and the gun is still in good condition today.I learned to wing-shoot with it and witnessed deadly accurate slug placement at 50 yards.Let's look at the facts.1. There are different kinds of slugs and different kinds of barrels.2. Don't shoot your shotgun with the choke tube removed, unless you want to risk damaging the threads.3. Slugs are NOT the same diameter as the bore. For "Foster style" slugs, the ones typically called "rifled slugs" like the Remington Sluggers are best fired through an Improved Cylinder choke (slightly smaller that the bore). If you don't believe me...READ THE BOX. "Rifled slugs may be fired through any choke; however, improved cylinder provides best results. These slugs will also perform well in fully rifled barrels and barrels fitted with rifled choke tubes" (Remington Slugger box).4. Sabot slugs are designed to be fired through a rifled slug barrel. They should not be fired through anything else or they may fly like a football thrown without any "spiral". Having that slug just tumbling through the air...not good.5. There are some slugs designed for either rifled or smooth. Rottweil-Brenneke makes such slugs, which I have used personally in both rifled and smooth barrels with success. "The choke does not have a significant effect on the precision of this cartridge; it can therefore be used for all popular shotguns"Note: The makers of some of the early variable chokes (Mossberg's C-Lect-Choke for one) did not reccomend shooting slugs through them- the choke consisted of small steel "fingers" that could be damaged. Modern choke tubes are made differently, and should be fine.

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Can you fire both barrels by pulling both triggers at the same time on a Stevens 311 over and under shotgun?

If you have a prehensile trigger finger and an exquisite sense of timing, you might be able to pull off such a stunt. If the gun is a 12 gauge, and both barrels fired at exactly the same instant, you would then be firing the equivalent of a 6 gauge. The recoil, of course, would be double that of a 12 gauge. You would probably have ample time to contemplate the wisdom of such a stunt from your seat on the ground. I have had an imported 20 gauge, very lightweight and with a steep drop to the stock, fire both barrels without consulting me once. As unpleasant as that experience was, I am sure that the same thing in a 12 gauge would be even more uncomfortable. Be careful what you ask for. First, the 311 is a SxS, not an O/U. And it's easy to fire both barrels at once by using two fingers. I've done it with my 16 gauge and it doesn't kick that bad.

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