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No, brackets are not used in APA when omitting the beginning words from a quote. The beginning words can simply be omitted without the need for brackets. However, if you are omitting words from the middle or end of a quote, then you would use brackets to indicate the omission.

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Q: Are brackets used in APA when omitting beginning words from a quote?
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When the writer of a paper omits some words in a quote the words omitted should be replaced by brackets?

No they should be replaced with ellipses.

Is brackets a noun?

Yes, the word 'brackets' is both a noun (bracket, brackets) and a verb (bracket, brackets, bracketing, bracketed).Examples:The brackets holding the shelf are loose. (noun)The author brackets the words that are not a part of the direct quote. (verb)I use brackets at the end of the sentence to designate the part of speech. (noun)

What is used to indicate when words have been inserted in a direct quote that were not written by the author?

Usually, square brackets, as in "President [Obama] was not amused"

Why do some words appear in brackets in a playscript?

in a playscript what are the words in brackets known as

When do you use a bracket in a quotation?

Brackets are used in a quotation when you need to insert your own words or clarification within the quoted text. They should not be used to alter the original meaning of the quote.

What is a brackets in sentences?

There are brackets in a sentence to separate the important information from the words in the brackets.

How do you type a correct quote?

To type a correct quote, use opening and closing quotation marks (" "). Place the opening quotation mark before the quoted text and the closing quotation mark after the quoted text. This helps signify the beginning and end of the quote.

What are three space periods that indicate that words have been deleted from a direct quote?

Ellipsis (...) is often used to show that text has been omitted from a direct quote. Square brackets ([ ]) can also be used to indicate that words have been deleted from a direct quote. An em dash (—) can sometimes be used to show omitted text in a direct quote.

Which of the following suggest the best way to integrate quotes into your writing I Integrate quotes so sentences flow logically II Replace omitted words from your quote with an ellipses III?

The best way to integrate quotes into your writing is to integrate them so that sentences flow logically, without disrupting the overall flow of your own writing. When omitting words from a quote, use an ellipsis to indicate the missing words, but be careful not to distort the original meaning of the quote.

Do you capitalize the word following quotation marks in a sentence when a statement is being quotated?

You do if you are quoting the statement from the very beginning.

A short way of combining two words by omitting some of the letters?


When incorporating direct quotations into writing what are the function of and guidelines for using the ellipsis?

The ellipsis is used when omitting words from a direct quotation while maintaining the original meaning. It indicates that words have been skipped within a sentence or between sentences. It should not be used to alter the original meaning of the quote.