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Are browning shotgun barrels chrome lined?


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No. All current Citori, Cynergy, Maxus and Silver shotguns as well as the BAR centerfire rifle have chrome-lined chambers.

From Browning customer service in response to a question on the Browning website.


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Depends on the manufacturer. A lot of manufacturers claim their chrome-lined barrels to be 'mil spec'. However, this is a myth - they don't know what the actual specs are, and the only basis they have for claiming their product to be mil spec is the presence of chrome lining. Chrome lining actually impedes the accuracy of the firearm, and, if you're not careful in which manufacturer you choose, you could very easily end up with cheap chrome lining that will flake off, leaving you both with a barrel unlined in spots and further impeded accuracy.

1 in 9 is actually the ideal pitch for the 5.56x45 SS109/M855 cartridge. The reason the military went with 1 in 7 is because it could fire 62 grain ball ammo and 64 grain tracer ammo to matching flight characteristics. You're perfectly fine with the barrel you have. As for the chrome lining, that all depends, and I personally advise most civilian shooters not to bother with it. Several companies offer chrome lined barrels, but most of them don't line their barrels to the actual military specifications (in spite of their claims of being mil spec). This often results in the chrome lining being substandard, eventually flaking off, and causing a reduction in accuracy. You should also note that non-chrome lined barrels are typically more accurate than chrome lined barrels, because of imperfections created by the chrome lining process. Some manufacturers of cartridges up to 75 grain actually recommend a 1 in 9 pitch. It will not, however, properly stabilise the 77 grain cartridges, nor the 80 grain .223 Wylde cartridges (which require a specific chamber, anyhow). Also note that, while .223 Remington and 5.56x45 are dimensionally similar, they are not one in the same.

most often a firearm's barrel will be made with high quality steel. In some special cases the barrel will be chrome lined or will be made with stainless steel. both of which are used to prevent corrosion, expand the life of the firearm's barrel and to make cleaning easier.

KBI is the importer. Is the Baikal an over&under or a side-by-side? Screw-in chokes or fixed? Extractors or ejectors? Chrome lined bores? Any engraving or inlaying?

Why not ask Century Arms? Sales phone number is 1.800.527.1252

The receivers were manufactured on a modified Mauser action by Fabrique Nationale of Belgium. The Model 50 was made between 1951 and 1959 for Sears, Roebuck and Co. The chrome lined barrels were were manufactured by by High Standard. The most common calibers are 270 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield.

Cant say specifically for that model but in most cases the barrels would need to be chrome lined and all manufacturers that i know of state not to use steel shot with more than 3/4 choke. Hope this helps!

The 1187 is made in USA, the Bakail is made in Russia.An 11-87 is a shotgun designed by remington to shoot 31/2 in shells. The bikail is a russian made shotgun that shoots the same shell. Remington bought Bikail and is now selling the guns under there name. Bikail has a chrome lined barrel the 11-87 does not

It would reduce it. The only way a P38 would have a chrome lined barrel would be as a result of aftermarket work, or by swapping in a postwar P1 barrel, which would reduce its value for having mismatched parts.

Go to the Chrome menu icon, which appears to look like a three-lined sandwich. At the dropdown, select Settings, then go to Show advanced settings. From there, choose Content settings and select Allow local data to be set. After selecting, select Done.

A Browning Superposed shotgun is a very high quality over-under double barrel originally made in Belgium for the Browning company. A Presentation Grade gun is a very lavishly engraved gun, possibly decorated with gold inlays, with a finely checkered and/or engraved stock of fancy select-grade walnut. It would be boxed in a fitted, velvet-lined wooden case. It would typically have been well cared for and in excellent condition to preserve its value, which would likely be at least 8-10 times higher than a Field grade Superposed.

We keep going over this, and the answer doesn't change...Whether the chrome lining does anything to extend the service life of the barrel depends on a number of things, such as:Quality of the chrome lining. Cheap chrome lining will flake off over time, effectively negating any usefulness it would have had. I've had experience with Daniels Defense products, but not so much with their barrels... those who have most likely have posted something online about them.Usage. How heavily your rifle will be used makes a difference. If yours is a semi-auto rifle which will only see occasional use, any advantage you gain from chrome lining will likely never be seen. If your rifle will see heavy usage - especially at rapid fire or full auto fire - then a chrome lined bore from a quality manufacturer will give a noticeable extension to the life of the barrel.The barrel itself. Even with chrome lining, the tolerances of the barrel to the heat generated are going to have an impact on the life of the barrel. If you get a really lightweight barrel, and put it through heavy use, it's going to see a significantly shorter lifespan.There's also factors such as the ammo you use and how well you maintain your firearm.You're the only one who can really answer the question of how much use your rifle will see. You're also the only one who can answer the question of whether you're building a rifle for the sake of precision, or just to be 'tacti-cool'. Any questions you have more in-depth than what your questions have been at surface level, you're more than welcome to email me at the address in my profile page.

Well, if you want a true-to-spec M4, select fire and all, you'll be paying a lot more for it than you would a shotgun, since you'd need a Class 3 tax stamped lower receiver or trigger group. As for in general, between a shotgun and a civilian legal "M4gery", a lot of it depends. You can pay under $300 for a pump shotgun, but over $1000 for a semi auto shotgun. Generally speaking, the cheapest M4 clones on the market right now are CMMG's "bargain bin" rifles, which go for $500 (plus shipping and FFL receiving), and you can spend considerably more if you want one mil spec (or rather, as close to mil spec as possible) with the chrome lined barrel, 1 in 7 pitch, etc.

DPMS, CMMG, Armalite, Bushmaster, Double Star, Stag Arms... all make AR-15s of comparable quality in that price range. If you go used, you can often find higher end brand under 1k, as the market is flooded with ARs currently, although most of what you gain with those brands is unnecessary (chrome lined barrels, tedious gas key staking, etc.)

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