Are cannibals real?

Yes they are. LOLZ

Actually, they did exist. It happened many times in history. One example is the donner party, they were left stranded in the woods (during winter) and some say that they were starving so they ate each other. However, I don't think that cannibals exist today! Thank goodness..... >_<

Yes there is and more than one

Maybe about 15 or more in this earth

Of course cannibals are real I mean there were like lots of then years ago lots of years

There are still some bug not as many as long ago D: there will always be cannibals living in this world
Sadly, yes.

As a matter of fact, humans have been doing it in ancient rituals as some sort of inhumane sacrifice or as a mad result of starvation. Insane as it may be, it's true. They're not as common as they were hundreds of years ago.