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Are caterpillars smart at all?


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You'd have to better define the term, "smart." The fact that they survive, grow and reproduce would mean to some people that they are smart ENOUGH to get by.


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a butterfly what DO all black fuzzy caterpillars turn into. all caterpillars turn into buterflies inside their cacoons

no not all caterpillars are soft some are rough because of there rough spots baby caterpillars are the most soft caterpillars

A caterpillars favourite food is leaf, this is all they eat!

All caterpillars eventually turn into butterflies.

Yes, all caterpillars turn into either a butterfly or a moth. There are many species of caterpillars that can be found in locations throughout the world.

All true caterpillars turn into butterflies or moths. There are many other critters that resemble caterpillars, such as sawfly larvae and hoverfly larvae, that are not caterpillars.

Yes, caterpillars can change colors. Not all caterpillars can change color, but the ones that can usually do it as they grow or if there are changes in the temperature.

Some caterpillars do in fact eat greenflies. Not all caterpillars will eat greenflies or like insects because they don't like them.

I'm no expert but I raised these caterpillars before and all the caterpillars were in their cocoons for about 12-14 days

Virtually all caterpillars are vegetarians, they don't eat other insects.

Yes. All butterflies start as caterpillars, and go through a pupa stage before turning into butterflies.

Yes, caterpillars can surely eat spinach. In fact, many gardeners and crop growers complain of caterpillars eating all their spinach gardens.

Some can be, not all though

No. Some are hairless.

No, caterpillars will not eat all types of leaf. They eat various kinds of leaf depending on which type of caterpillar they are.

No. There are many kind of woolly or hairy caterpillars and they all eat very specific types of leaf.

Yes, but some turn into moths.Before I answer I must say you should rephrase the question to: Do all species of caterpillars transform into butterflies, because the simplest answer would be no, because some will get eaten, stepped on, etc... and will not undergo transformation.As well as hawk-moth caterpillars, atlas-moth caterpillars and silk-moth caterpillars which by name they turn into moths.

Inchworms, despite the name, are actually not worms at all. They are really caterpillars, which are moth larvae.

Easy black swallowtail caterpillars are smaller caterpillars. SwallowTail caterpillars are bigger than black swallow tail caterpillars

No it has six legs in all

yes all butterflies come from caterpillars.

Moths make a Cocoon, and butterflies make a chrysalis. But I do believe that all caterpillars (that make it alive) must go through their pupa stage.

No, all caterpillars do not eat leaves. Most do but some, like the woolly bear, eat fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton and wool.

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