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Yes, they are married.

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Q: Are chris hollins and Victoria hollins related?
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What is the birth name of Chris Hollins?

Chris Hollins's birth name is Christopher Jonathan Hollins.

When was Chris Hollins born?

Chris Hollins was born on March 20, 1971, in Bromley, Kent, England, UK.

Does chris hollins have a sister?

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Who is sport presenter on BBC Breakfast and won Strictly?

Chris Hollins.

Who won Strictly Come Dancing 2009?

I think Ricky and Natilie did! It was Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan

Is Chris Hollins married?

Yes, Chris is married...quote from him re: Strictly Come Dancing:"Strictly Come Dancing competitor, Chris Hollins, has revealed that his wife is not too happy about the decision to pair him with sexy Ola Jordan.Chris performed a Rumba with Ola last night and at one point straddled his partner.Chris told The Sun: "I'm in the dog house over Strictly."I had to leave our holiday early to take part in the show and Sarah's last words to me were, 'Your dance partner best not be fit.'Then I got Ola, who is absolutely stunning."

Is Chris Brown related to Trey Songz?

No Chris Brown is not related to Trey Songz.

Who is Victoria the wrestler dating?

chris jerico

What has the author A Hollins written?

A. Hollins has written: 'Axe and tree [by] A. Hollins [with an introduction by Norbert Lynton]'

What is the birth name of Dave Hollins?

Dave Hollins's birth name is David Michael Hollins.

What is the birth name of Lionel Hollins?

Lionel Hollins's birth name is Lionel Eugene Hollins.

Where was Chris Judd born?

He was born in Victoria, Australia