Are christians allowed to watch tv?

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Of course they are - it's the individuals choice whether they want to watch TV or not - NO-ONE has the right to say if they can or not !
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Does allowing young children to watch television pre-dispose them to ADD?

Answer . \nRIDICULOUS. The risk of developing ADD does not lie in the viewing of TV. Parents need to be conscious about raising their children and act responsibly. If parents use television as a babysitter or as a means to shirk their responsibility to teach and supervise their children, they ( Full Answer )

Is there an independent tv tuner device you can use with a DVD vcr which has no internal tuner which allows you to record tv on the vcr while watching another station on the live tv?

I would like to have the choice of recording programmes, not ones that are designated by a tv company. Eg I am paying for a television network, in fact two, the BBC for their network and licence which covers radio transmissions for which I had agreed a very long time ago. The other for SKY. I am nex ( Full Answer )

Why you watch TV?

If you r bored you can watch t.v. .T.v. keeps you company because it has lotsa movies and programmes!!!!!! .

Does watching TV make you tired?

yes it does i was watching tv today i was so tired after watching it for 2 long hours so yes the tv does make you tired

How many people watch Christian TV?

It is estimated that the number of people who watch Christian TV isabout 46%. This is manly due to the fact that Christianity is avery popular religion in the world.

Where can you watch TV?

Simply click on one of the links below. They have lots of Movies& TV-Show episodes.

How can you watch TV from your computer onto the TV?

Download and install the satellite-TV software (which one?), you can watch it and many kinds of sports online in comfort and quality. I use this site before and it works for me. Hope it's what you are looking for *** Edit by someone experienced in detecting scams: The satellite TV software is ( Full Answer )

Are Jews allowed to watch tv on Passover?

it depends. half of Passover consists of religious days on which they cannot. The other half they can do what ever they want except they are not supposed to do work.

Who are watching TVs?

TVS, otherwise known as Television Sydney (, is an Australian free-to-air community television channel with an average monthly audience in excess of one million viewers.

How do you watch a TV?

The best place that I have found where you can watch tv online for a small fee is Satellite Direct, includes loads of Satellite channels and is a really good service, including : FOX , ESPN , CBS , NBC , ABC ... If you are interested then please take a look at the link below. http://satellite--tv- ( Full Answer )

Are children allowed to watch whatever they want on tv?

Not really because it has to be right for their age,for example if a 4 year old watches sex on TV that's not right for a 4 year old to watch.If the 4 year old watches educational TV that's ok because it's teaching the 4 year old things.14 Year olds are prob. allowed to watch whatever they want more ( Full Answer )

Why do some parents not allow their children to watch television?

Every case is different: 1. They weren't raised that way 2. They think it's "garbage and a waste of time" 3. They don't want their children addicted 4. They don't want their children exposed to "filth of any kind" 5. They think it's bad for their children's health 6. They want their children to sta ( Full Answer )

How do you watch iPod video on tv?

you can use apple TV designed by apple company to connect with yourHDMI TV first then the video from ipod can be played to TV viaairplay of ipod, i think apple tv is actully TV adapter. it's notso complicated to use.

What is the best show to watch on tv?

the office loveanime says: not only office it sucks, what about.... Chuck,Supernatural,Amazing race 15, the simpsons, family guy, south park, life unexpected, gossip girl, 90210, survivor heroes vs villans, wwe, 24, bones and more

Does Justin Bieber watch TV?

yeah Justin watches TV everybody has watched TV in their life ya he does watch TV

Should parents allow their kids watch violence on TV?

Violence is a broad category. Certain types of violence stem from instinctive modules designed for many different purposes. Now every kid develops at a different rate and reaches a different conlclusion in brain developement based on factors such as age, race, environmental stmuli. The child around ( Full Answer )

How do you watch the internet on your TV?

You can watch TV on your wii on the internet channels and youwatch some TV on BBC iPlayer. -------------------------------------------------------------- If you Google... InternetTvDotCom ...And scroll down the page, you can sign up for the free ebooktitled, "The Ultimate Guide To Watching TV Onli ( Full Answer )

When do watch TV?

At 3:00 take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour. Watch it until 8:30 if you want.

Is watching tv allowed in Islam?

Strangely there is nothing in the Quran about tv o_0 But the rule that forbids (i) the making of pictures, (ii) the keeping of pictures, (iii) entering houses wherein there are pictures displayed and (iv) looking and gazing at pictures with desire or satisfaction is thought to extend to 'animate p ( Full Answer )

What type of adapter card allows you to watch tv on the PC?

A TV Tuner Card allows your computer to receive television signals so you can watch TV on your PC. If you have satellite TV service, you can watch satellite TV on computer with a TV Tuner Card. A Tuner Card can be installed internally or externally, but it will still come with video ports that y ( Full Answer )

Why is watching TV better than TV?

I believe I don't understand your question. Well, actually no one does! Lol But I understand a tiny bit so I guess I haf to say watching TV is better than TV because your watching something on TV and it doesn't cause you to be bored and another is because your watching instead of staring at th ( Full Answer )

Is it allowed to watch TV and sit on the computer a bit while fasting in Ramadan?

We muslims are allowed to watch T.V, play video games, and go on the computer during ramadan! BUT, make sure that it doesnt intefere with our prayer times, and we should spend some time reading the Quran and learning about Islam. AND ALSO, make sure that the thing your viewing, playing, reading isnt ( Full Answer )

Should Christians watch TV?

Galatians 6:8 "For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting." My personal advice would be not to. It is not beneficial AT ALL and actually corrupts you even more (my personal experience). Stay away from ( Full Answer )

Can you watch normal TV on an Apple TV?

Only if you go out and buy a special remote. It's called the "Llama Universal TV Remote." It appears in the shelves of any usual supermarket such as Wal-Mart or A&P. Once you have the remote, connect it to your iTunes account. You can do this by removing the battery protector on the back and pressin ( Full Answer )

Can you watch live TV on Apple TV?

no, it is meant to connect to your iOS devices and Apple computers and also stream Netflix hulu+ Amazon instant video + so much more

Should children be allowed to watch whatever they want on TV?

Repeat studies have shown that media violence does not create violent children, but adolescents can be influenced by the things they watch. This is reflected in their speech, dress and social behaviors. I would vote no. The children in my home are restricted in regards to sexual behavior and extreme ( Full Answer )

Are adults allowed to watch whatever they want on tv?

Yes They are because unlike children and teenagers adults have more freedom than children and teenagers,they don't have to go to school and do schoolwork like children have to.adults can watch whatever they want and they can get the old tv shows on DVD but children and teenagers can't because they'r ( Full Answer )

What can you watch on tv?

Hillsong is my favorite show, but different people might like the shows on HGTV, Nickolodeon, or the cooking channel. Different options for different interests.

What companies allow one to watch TV on the web?

One can watch television shows online at sites such as Hulu or Netflix. There are other sites to watch shows at as well, but many such sites do not follow copyright laws.