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Chrome plated tire rims can rust over time but look great when they are brand new.

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Q: Are chrome plated tire rims the best?
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Do they make gold plated tire rims?

Yes, there are some custom car shops and a few companies that offer gold plated rims. Theft is a major concern for the onwers of gold rims on any vehicle.

What's the best to use to clean tire rims?

There are a variety of rags, mitts, brushes and sponges available for cleaning your tire rims. For chrome tire rims, which are flashy-looking but not as sturdy as alloys, use a soft sponge, and avoid using scouring pads and brushes with hard bristles. Apply a mild detergent to your sponge or brush.

What are tire rims made out of?

older car rims are made out of steel where as new cars come out of factory with alloy wheels.

What company sells quality 17 inch rims?

Chrome rims and discount tires with an attitude or some of the coolest truck rims, their products are just what you're looking for. Discountedwheelwarehouse website have the hottest styles in custom rims and cheap tire on the internet.

Who carries rim and tire packages?

Craiglist offers the best prices and tire kingdom offers the best packages on rims and tires.

Is there a discount for tires and rims?

When you are looking for rims and tire packages, l would recommend the comparison sites like ebay and amazon. Many tire companies have accounts, and customer feedback is useful in helping you to decide where you can get the best deals on rims and tire packages.

Where to find 16 inch chrome rims for a 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible?

Dealer, salvage yard, eBay, craigslist, swap meet, tire shop,

What is car rims?

Rims are wheels. Your tire goes on them.

What is best for cleaning aluminum wheels?

I use tire shine like arminol and just spray on it and wipe with a dry towel. it gives a good shine on the rims and takes of all the dirt and grease. But dont use it on Chrome wheels it could damage it

Whats the best tire size for the 22 rims on a Land Rover lr3?

What is the biggest size rims you can put on a 02' Buick Rendezvous?

A tire shop will be the best one to answer there are many aspects offset, tire size etc

How do you put a 35 inch tall tire on 18 inch rims?

As long as the tire is made for 18 inch rims, it would mount like any other tire.As long as the tire is made for 18 inch rims, it would mount like any other tire.