Are cities capitalized in french

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Yes, capital cities and country names are considered as proper names, and proper names are capitalized.

Butadjectives derived from those are not, unlike in English.

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Q: Are cities capitalized in french
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Yes it should be capitalized.

When is the word french capitalized?

Do you mean in English or in French? The two have different rules about capitalizing proper nouns when they're used as descriptors. In English, "French" is always capitalized. In French, "français" is not capitalized when referring to the French language, but it is capitalized when referring to the French people.

Are the months capitalized in french?

No, nationalities, religions, days of the week, or months are not capitalized in French.

When do you capitalize French?

In English, the word French is capitalized when it means the language, a French person or things from France. However, the lowercase is often used for terms that are no longer specifically French. The term "french fries" is usually not capitalized, but opinions vary on french dressing and french curve.In French, the word français (French) is not capitalized as an adjective. It is, however, capitalized Français when it means a French person.

Is french toast capitalized?

Yes, at least the French part. On a restaurant menu it should be fully capitalized.

What is December in French?

The month is décembre (and is not capitalized in French).

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