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kinda. you see, clouds are made out of tiny droplets from the water evaporated that forms a gas. the particles go up in the air, and they make a cycle!!

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Q: Are clouds evaporated water in the form of a gas?
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What is it when water evaporated water a gas turns directly into a solid in the clouds?


What is water that has evaporated into gas?

water vapor steam humidity clouds

How did clouds get in the sky?

The water from the ground and from lakes and oceans evaporates,(turns to a gas and rises) into the sky. This evaporated water then forms clouds.

Does evaporated water become gas in the atmosphere?

sort of. It becomes gas, but it turns into clouds because it condenses

Can water only exist as a liquid?

no, it can be ice and snow and it can be evaporated

What can evaporated water do to the air it is evaporated in to?

Evaporated water is a gas.

What form of water are low clouds made of?

Vapor, or water in its gas form

What atmospheric gas forms clouds?

Clouds form when water vapor condenses into liquid water.

What does water become when evaporated?

Evaporated water is a gas.

How do clouds let go of rain?

rain is water in liquid form, and clouds are water in gas form. when the air cools, water changes form into liquid and falls to the ground. water in gas form is a lot lighter than water in liquid form.

What happens to liquid and gas particles in a when its placed in the sun?

It becomes evaporated also known as Evaporization and that's what forms clouds (gas particles *water*) in the sky. Soon the clouds are too full (there is too many gas particles) they start to form a liquid also known as condensation and that is why rain falls. the thing that causes the particles to be evaporated is the sun, but im not sure why ~please list below if you know why~

Is evaporated water gas?

Yes, evaporated water is gaseous.