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You can touch them. Fog is just a cloud that has descended to ground level. I wouldn't call it "wet" though; more like "clammy."

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When was Touch the Clouds born?

Touch the Clouds was born in 1838.

When did Touch the Clouds die?

Touch the Clouds died on 1905-09-05.

What are low wet clouds?

The lowest clouds are called fog. The classification of low clouds is stratiform.

What kind of clouds make us wet?

not All clouds make us wet. cumulonimbus cloud makes thunder stormsw

How do cumulus clouds and stratus clouds produce rain?

touch each other

How long do clouds last?

clouds last as long as the storm or the wet time is. the clouds are also a useful resource and you need it sometime.

How do you know if its wet or the battery?

its all in the personal touch. if you enjoy feeling wet things then you could tell the difference, but to make sure you should stik the battery on your tongue.

What happens if your hands are wet when you touch a charged object?

If your hands are wet when you touch a charged object, you will get an electric shock or electrocuted.

How can you tell how wet a dog's nose is?

Touch its nose and see if its wet.

What do you call clouds that touch the ground?


What happens if you touch the flood?

You get wet.

How can you change a letter in foe to make wet clouds?


Is rain wet?

yes, it also comes fromk clouds.

3 letter word low wet clouds?


Clouds that touch the ground are called?

It is called Fog

IF someone wet the sun would the sun be still hot?

it would be impossible to get the sun wet. the water would freeze before you could get it to the sun. and even if you could get it there, it would evaporate before it could touch the sun. so yes, it would still be hot

How is fog different from clouds?

It's not, it's just low clouds with a touch more water vapor.

Is it possible to move clouds?

It is not possible to move clouds because when an airplane touch a cloud, it gets destroyed.

What do you do if your ipod touch gets wet?

Dry it

Why do you get shock if you touch a switch with wet hands?

Water can conduct electricity ( if it is an electrolyte, as most tap water is) so you shouldn't touch electrical appliances with wet hands, or put them near water in case the water completes a circuit from the appliance, resulting in a live circuit. if you touch a live circuit that could result in electrocution.

What clouds do you think could be fog?

stratus clouds

Is mount Everest high enough to touch the clouds?

Mount Everest is high enough that it goes above the clouds.

Are funnel clouds more common than tornadoes?

Yes. Many funnel clouds never touch down.

Who can touch the clouds?

GODI think , every one can.. if they are approachable

How do you clean a DS touch screen?

wet rag