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A compound word is two words put together, (It's it-is)

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What is an example of a sentence using 'conjure'?

He is a magician. He can Conjure anything!

What is a sentence for conjure?

A sentence with the word conjure: Denise asked her roommate, a chef, to conjure up a homemade apple pie for the company picnic. The word conjure is a verb. Some synonyms for the word conjure are produce, summon, and materialize.

Sentence for conjure?

The witch used her magical spells to conjure up sprits. Conjure, essentially, means "to summon".

Are the words into and today compound words?

Yes, into and today are compound words.

What words that are compound words have when in them?

Compound words that have when in them are whence, whenever, and whensoever.

What does to conjure mean?

To conjure is to summon demons, or metaphorically to invoke or conceive.

Are there telepathic demons that can conjure wizards?

No but there are telepathic wizards that can conjure demons

What are compound words that have oil in them?

the compound words in it are ur a weirdo

How do you use the word conjure in a sentence?

I attempted to conjure a spell on my friend. The mention of sea monsters can conjure up any number of images and stories.

Is noticeable a compound word?

No, noticeable is not a compound word. Compound words - words made up f two or more words.

What are some words you can make compound words with?

Compound words can be made with almost any two words.

Are baseball and ballpark compound words?

Yes, both are compound words.

What compound words can you make with night?

What compound words can you make with night

Is private life a compound word or compound words?

'Private life' are two individual words, not compound.

What are all the words that start with c and have a j in it?

· cajole · carjacker · conjoin · conjoint · conjugal · conjugates · conjure · crackerjacks

Is compound words the name of something?

accually no compound words are like dogpound the dog part is the compound word:]

Some compound words are joined by?

Some compound words are joined by a hyphen.

Examples of combined compound words?

compound words is two or more sent.

Is outstanding the compound words?

The word outstanding is a compound word. The words are out and standing.

When do you use a hyphen for compound words?

To separate the words that form the compound word.

What are the three ways compound words can be formed?

what are the ways in forming compound words

What are cool sounding compound words with the words spot in it?

Compound words containing "spot":nightspotspotlight

Compound nouns that is two separate wprds?

the compound words is separate to two words

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