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Computers are making us lazier... Computers don't have much effect on how smart a person is - they can help you to find lots more information than you could find before we had computers, but if you aren't willing to work to find the information, the computer won't just give it to you. Computers make it easier to discover the answers to questions that used to take people a long time to calculate, and they make it easier to compile huge amounts of information to find solutions to problems. Today's kids, though, have gotten so used to having computers that lots of them don't know how to do simple things without using the computer. We have kids asking questions on the Wiki-verse that they should be able to figure out without even turning the computer on - or should be able to look up in a dictionary or encyclopedia at the very least. But they are used to being able to get the computer to do the work for them.

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Which is smarter us or the computer?

Us people is smarter than the computers. Because WE are the people that put stuff on the computer and WE make the computers.. So WE are SMARTER than the COMPUTERS! SMART QUESTION...

Why does technology make us smarter?

It makes us smarter by enhancing what we learn, like we can use WikiAnswers for questions we want to know making us smarter. Calculators are technology, helping us with math.

Will computers ever be smarter than humans?

No, because humans invented computers so computers cannot be smarter than humans.

Are computers smarter then people?

no because people made computers

Are computers making us dumber and lazier than before?


How are video games smarter than computers?

The question makes no sense. Video games are played on computers...

Is a computer smarter than humanity?

no because humans power computers

What are 2 reasons that you argue that people are smarter than computers?


Is India smarter than the US?

any country is smarter than the US. But sometimes stupid!

What is smarter...humans or machines and are they really evil.?

humans, the human race is not, though computers sometimes seem like thy don't like us.....

What will computers by like in the year 2030?

they will be fast and smarter than some humans...

What are the similarities and difference between the human brain and the fifth generation computers?

computers are smarter and humans can think (are self aware/Living).

Who buys the most computers male or female?

dogs buy most of the computers cause they are smarter then most peop;e in society

Is a llama half stupid and is a computer smarter than a human?

How can a computer be smarter than a human? A human made the computer, so it's physically impossible. It may be better at stuff than humans, but you can't say it's smarter. Until computers can make computers and can learn to actually think for themselves, rather than thinking based on programming, THEN they will be smarter then humans.

Can robots help us get smarter?

No, dumber actually. If there were no computers for example, you would have had to use your brain to figure this question out. Instead, you sat on your butt and asked a robot to think for you.

How did taxes contribute to the American revolution?

people got smarter and smarter over time so the thught of making it

Is computer intelligent than human being?

Its a proven study that humans are smarter that computers.

Is anyone harmed making computers?

no one is harmed making computers but its very hard work.

What are computers?

Computers Are Programed Machines that Do A lot of the work for Us, Such As doing maths, or making a document... Basicly You Can go on Wikipedia to get even More InfoA device that computes

Why is there a need to get smarter?

The smarter you are the more likely you are to hold a high status job....which means making more money. Making a decent living is essential if you ever wish to be truly happy in life.

Are computers smarter than the human?

A human made the computer, so it's physically impossible. It may be better at stuff than humans, but you can't say it's smarter.

Are computers smarter then humans?

No, computers are not smarter than humans, because humans made the technology, so they obviously have the knowledge greater than a device made for knowledge, like a nook, which only helps you learn, not that we are actually a being teaching another. They are programmed to do so.

How does reading make you smarter?

Here's a list:Reading makes you smarter by making you think about what you're readingReading makes you smarter by increasing your vocabularyReading makes you smarter by giving you informationReading makes you smarter by teaching you how to communicate effectivelyReading makes you smarter by giving you new ideas and new ways of thinking

Is are you smarter than a fifth grader making new episodes?

No it is not Basketballgirl4463

What then makes us different from the animals?

we are smarter