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Are computers making us smarter?



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Computers are making us lazier... Computers don't have much effect on how smart a person is - they can help you to find lots more information than you could find before we had computers, but if you aren't willing to work to find the information, the computer won't just give it to you. Computers make it easier to discover the answers to questions that used to take people a long time to calculate, and they make it easier to compile huge amounts of information to find solutions to problems. Today's kids, though, have gotten so used to having computers that lots of them don't know how to do simple things without using the computer. We have kids asking questions on the Wiki-verse that they should be able to figure out without even turning the computer on - or should be able to look up in a dictionary or encyclopedia at the very least. But they are used to being able to get the computer to do the work for them.