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County judges are state court judges. Each state has it's own system for appointing and electing judges. So, it depends on the level of court and the state.

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Q: Are county judges elected
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Are county judges appointed by the senate?

In most jurisdictions in the U.S., county judges are elected, not appointed, but the procedures may vary from place to place.

What are Illinois judges appointed or elected?

Illinois judges are elected.

Are judges ever elected by the people?

Federal judges are not elected. Several states and municipalities elect their judges,

What judges are elected?

Some states have elected judges. It depends on the state. Federal judges are all appointed.

How are judges elected?

In the U.S., it varies by state. Federal judges are not elected; they are appointed.

What branch of the US government is run by officials who are appointed rather than elected?

This is the judicial branch: federal courts and the US Supreme Court. Unlike local, county, and state judges, federal judges are not elected. They are either appointed by the President and confirmed by the US Senate (e.g. district judges, appeals judges) or appointed through a vote by district judges (e.g. magistrate judges).

How can you be elected for the Judicial branch?

Local judges are generally elected, but federal judges are appointed.

How do judges in Illinois get their positions?

Judges in Illinois are elected.

Who are state judges are elected by?

Usually, elected judges are chosen by the general electorate at election times when their names appear on the ballot. In some states, "elected judges" are actually 'elected' by majority votes of the state legislature.

How are judges picked in Canada?

Judges in Canada are appointed and not elected.

Who appoints local judges?

In NC judges are elected, not appointed.

Do judges run as democrats or republicans when they attempt re-election?

Federal judges serve for life and are not elected or re-elected. Judges who are elected usually run under some party affiliation.

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